Our partner company Sports Timing Solutions have often been asked to provide timing for small events with less than 200 competitors. In most instances the cost of this is not viable for small events with a small entry fees and budgets.

With this in mind we wanted to provide a simple to use timing system that is fully integrated within our race management platform. We have developed 2 applications for use on either a windows based laptop or by using either an ipad or an ipad mini.

STS Pro score has been developed primarily as a backup solution for our profesional timers when timing large races using our own in house developed RFID Race Timing Systems. We have now made this available for anyone to download free of charge and can be used straight away to time your events.

Its a simple free to use scoring application that only requires a willing volunteer and an ipad or windows based tablet or laptop. Its easy to use and can be used by anyone.

  • Who can use Our Online Scoring Software?

    Absolutely anyone who wishes to provide professional online results, Our system is particularly suited to Clubs/Organisations and even schools.

  • How many races can I have?

    Our system is capable of having as many races as you wish, it has been developed to be used as a professional online sports scoring system as used by our own timing company Sports Timing Solutions.

  • How many competitors can I time?

    Manual timing is only restricted by your own staff and the flow of competitors across the finish line, we would estimate that any event upto 200 would be easy enough for the pro results timing software. Once your numbers start to rise then it is far easier to give us a call and hire our professional Sports Timing Services where you can have our unique disposable timing chips at your event.

  • What if I have remote timing points?

    You are free to download and install our app on as many devices as you wish, This is particularly good for remote points, as an example you may have an off road running event and want to record runners as they pass through the half way point and to make sure that every runner has completed the full course. Simply send a member of staff to this remote point and all they need to do is enter there race numbers as they pass the point, this file can then be imported into the scoring software and provide the times for this point.

  • Whats the Cost?

    Our system is absolutely free to use combining this with our free sports scoring application we are the only company in the world who provide a free race timing system within the online entry system.

  • Who Developed STS Pro Score?

    STS Pro Score has been developed by our main company Sports Timing Solutions, Having many years experience in timing races of all sizes and manufacturing our very own RFID UHF Sports Timing Systems. We are at the forefront of sports timing and the most experienced in offering advanced results.

    You can be assured that this system is the very best when wanting to create results for yor event and has been developed, tried and tested by a professional race timing company.

  • Is it Easy to Time a Race?

    It has to be the simplest timing solution available, created by a professional race timing company who do this every weekend of the year.

    1, Create The Race
    All races are setup when you create an event on Sports Entry Solutions.

    2, Timing the Race
    When the race is under way, You record the gun time on your mobile device or laptop. As competitors approach the finish, you enter their race numbers, and tap "save" to record their finishing times.

    3, Publish the results
    After the race is over, upload the times from your mobile device and they are instantly available online.

    4, Editing the results
    If you need to edit any details or need to edit a time, you can login to your account, and make any changes needed, alterations are instantly available.

    5, Printing the results
    You can either open up results on any computer and print the results from the webapage or you can view the results live on your mobile device.