Here are some answers to frequently asked questions
About Sports Entry Solutions

Sports Entry Solutions has been setup by an existing event organisor and I.T. Consultant with a vast amount of experience in sports event management and internet based business solutions. One of the hardest tasks was actually getting entrants in a suitable format that can be used easily. The costs associated with setting up a bespoke website and the relevant merchant accounts make the whole process complex and often expensive. Our systems in use are being used by many organisors to this day and many successful transactions have taken place. Its a simple process the more people who use our system results in lower fees for everyone. We have the lowest costing online entry system in the UK and if you are not using our system then you are paying too much for your online entries. We are slowly becoming the number 1 choice in the UK. We do not hold onto fees or charge high rates as with other companies. All payments are made directly into your very own Stripe or PayPal account as soon as en entrant has made a payment.

How is Sports Entry Solutions different to other entry systems?

Sports Entry Solutions do not hold onto your fee's. All other entry systems will hold onto your money for at least 30 days. Many systems will hold onto your money until the event has taken place and only release your funds once the event has been completed.

This means that your event revenue will be sitting in another bank account for quite some time gaining vast amounts of interest for those companies who are holding onto it. Are you 100% sure that these companies have your money held in a trust/client account and have you thought what if this company where to go out of business?. We are guessing that you would not like the risks involved with that?.

We only invoice you for the amount of entries you have processed using Sports Entry Solutions. We only do this at the beginning of each month for the previous months payments. We charge a flat rate fee of 30p + VAT per transaction no matter how high the entry fee maybe.

Can entries edit their details and transfer an entry?

Absolutely the major part of our unique online entry system is allowing the entrants to edit their details. Should they not be able to take part they can even transfer their entry to another person.

We aim to take away the general day to day administration from event organisers. And answering and editing details and emails can be quite a task.

Our online entry system is not an off the shelf shopping cart that has been customised to sell event entries. We developed our system from the ground up with events in mind.
Can I sell event specific products?

Absolutely! we have developed the online entry system to be able to sell event specific items. We have found many event organisors and charities use this feature all of the time. It is by no means a full e-commerce system and has never been developed to do so however it will work perfectly for those all important event items that you may want to sell. You may want to sell:

  • Pasta Party Tickets
  • BBQ Tickets
  • Race Number Belts
  • Pre Paid Parking Permits
  • Or anything else related to your event.
How Do I Get Paid?

Unlike all other entry systems we do not hold onto client money for 30 days or even until the event has taken place all entry fees are paid directly into your Stripe account as soon as the transaction has taken place.(stripe fees apply, but are some of the lowest available.)

How much does it cost to setup?

The service costs you absolutely nothing to setup. We only charge a small amount per transaction (30p +VAT) to cover the costs of the service that we provide.

You only pay for the entries that you receive and better still paper entries that have been sent in are free unlike many of our competitors. If you add the cost of the processing fee into your entry fee then the service costs absolutely nothing to you.

Can I see all my entrants?

All competitor information is held within your administration section. Once logged in you can view all of your competitor information with the ability to export all the competitor data to an excel file so that you can work with the data in your chosen software.

Is it secure?

All communications using Sports Entry Solutions are sent through an SSL Protected site meaning that all communications are encrypted, you can see the details of this by clicking the padlock located in your browser bar and you will also see in the web address the HTTPS:// this further ensures that all communications are encrypted protecting the information that you send to our site.

Further more all payments are processed by Stripe & Paypal. We do not collect or store any credit card details within our system, the only information that is collected is competitor information that is available to the event organisor only.

Can I use my own artwork?

We have designed the site to cater for all tastes. You have the ability to create and upload your own custom header and background image. If you are unable to create a custom header you can either use the default header image or we can create one for you for free.

What is Club Membership?

Our site has been developed to take online entry fees on the behalf of events and organisations. We have since further developed the system to be used for Club and Teams of any type to be used for taking annual membership fees. One thing we had found from our own experience it was often difficult in chasing members for membership renewals and providing up to date information to all paid up members was a dificult task.

Our Membership Directory is a simple way to have a central database of current club or team members. Its primary service is to take membership renewals The most used feature of our membership system is the Free professional HTML newsletter feature that allows teams and clubs to send out important information to there entire club list as and when needed. We are pleased to say that we are the only online membership system that gives you the ability to print out professional membership cards that are ready for posting. No other system offers this unique facility.

Its simple to use and low cost and is a great tool for any club or team.

It can be used for any club that wishes to take club memberships and make sending membership cards a breeze.