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*1. By becoming a member of the club, you agree to abide by the club's constitution and rules ; the rules of competition and other rules and regulations of UK Athletics; and the rules and regulations of England Athletics. 2. The clubs maximum financial liability with respect to any member is limited to the value of the subscription they have paid, for their current year of membership. 3. New members over 17, who are first claim members of another Club, may not compete in team competitions until resignation and change of club confirmed by England Athletics. 4. Confirmation of change of club and clearance to compete in club competitions will be advised by England Athletics to the individual and new club changes will be confirmed on their website on a monthly basis.

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*The Club committee will review all new member applications from time to time, and reserves the right to retrospectively reject a new member application, if acceptance of the application would be contrary to the best interests of the sport, or the good conduct and interests of the club. In the event that a new member application is rejected, the subscription fee shall be repaid in full.

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