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*Moonglu Cycling Club - Members Rules and Recommendations  All riders should understand the Highway Code requirements for cyclists and apply its principles where appropriate.  All riders are responsible for their own wellbeing during a club ride and should be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions, poor light and mechanical problems.  Moonglu Cycling Club recommends that ALL MEMBERS carry emergency contact details (ICE) with them at all times when involved in any club activity/ride. We also recommend ID bracelets, carrying your BC membership card and storing ICE details in an unlocked mobile phone. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CONSENT AND EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION PROCEDURES PLEASE SEE THE CONSENT AND EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS POLICY ON THE CLUB WEBSITE.  All riders should ensure their bike is mechanically sound and safe for use.  All riders MUST wear a helmet.  All members will uphold the clubs equality policy. Discriminatory behaviour and language on grounds of race, cultural background, sex, gender or sexual orientation is not acceptable.  All members have a duty of care to each other and particularly children and vulnerable adults and agree to abide by the clubs safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults policies and protocols.  All unaccompanied riders under 18 must provide a signed parental consent form in order to participate in club rides.  All members are encouraged to volunteer some of their time periodically to help run club events and activities over the course of the membership year, all types of contributions are valued.  We’re a fair play club and we don’t tolerate doping, or prohibited drug use.  Our membership year runs from 31st December, there is no refund if a member resigns from the club mid-year or pro rata payment for joining mid- year.  We try to follow the British Cycling Best Practice Guidelines, ( PRACTICE_GUIDE LINES.pdf) however, these are guidelines not rules,  By applying for membership I am aware that I am agreeing to comply with Moonglu Cycling Club policies, procedures and codes of practice. I understand that the information about me will be held on a computerised system and do not object to this.

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