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Welcome to Scarborough AC 2019-20 Membership

Membership Renewal Date: 29th February 2020 (You can renew your membership up until this date)

Scarborough AC Membership 2019-20

Welcome to Scarborough AC. We are a very friendly running club catering for all levels of running, from absolute beginners to County and National standard runners.

Please visit our website at for further details about the club.

We have a few different membership categories so please be careful to choose the correct one. 
If you are unsure which category applies to you please email the club at:

Fees run annually from April 1st 2019 – March 31st 2020.

All the clubs membership applications are  processed online.
This enables the club to track current members and payments.
We do need an email address

The club will store your personal data securely for the duration of your membership. This data may be used in the club's normal activity of promoting athletics and reporting on events on the basis of legitimate interest as defined by GDPR supported by the Clubs constitution, for example:

Membership and Club Management
Publishing of race and competition results.

Training and Competition Entry
Share data with club team managers to enter events.
Share data with leagues, county associations (and county schools’ associations) and other competition providers for entry in events.

If you have any concerns about the use of data mentioned above, please contact the Club Secretary.

Scarborough Athletic Club operates on the basis of sportsmanship and fair treatment of members. Any individual who is held to have defamed or brought into disrepute the club or any of its members may be subject to disciplinary action. This may lead to the revocation of their membership in accordance with the processes outlined within the clubs constitution or their membership application declined.

Please see below for all membership options:
Senior Membership (over 18 years of age on 1st April 2018):
Renewal: Current club members renewing membership at any point in the year = £31.00
New: New members joining during Feb 2020 = £16.00

Junior Membership (over 11 years of age but under 18 years of age on 1st April 2019):
Renewal: Current club members renewing at any point in the year = £26.00 
New: New members joining during 
during Feb 2020 = £16.00 

Young Athlete Membership (under 11 years of age on joining date):
Renewal and New MembersYoung Athlete Membership - Current and new club members renewing or joining at any point in the year = £14.00
All of the £14 is paid directly to UKA for registration.

Second Claim Membership: (If you are 1st Claim to another UKA affiliated club and wish to join Scarborough AC as a 2nd claim member) = £8.00
Social Member: Non running, non-training and non-competitive = £5.00

We do not have a Family Membership structure for on-line use as the structure is too complex.
Please contact the club if you have three of more members of the same household that wish to join Scarborough AC.

Membership Options
Renewing Senior Member (Over 18 years of age)
New Senior Member joining during Feb 2020
New Senior Member joining during Feb 2020
Renewing Junior Member (11 - 17 years of age)
New Junior Member joining during Feb 2020
New Junior Member joining during Feb 2020
Renewing Young Athlete (Under 11 years of age)
New Young Athlete (Under 11 years of age on join date)
Second Claim Member
Social Member (Non Running) or non-competitive.


Our Online membership system is not available.