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Welcome to Club membership registration and renewals online 2016

Membership Renewal Date: 2nd January 2017 (You can renew your membership up until this date)

Thak-you for selecting on-line payment, please note there is a 70p charge for this service but you get an email on payment and email is automatically sent to our Membership Secretary to update the England Athletic Membership Portal. Please note that Club Membership runs from 1st january to 31st December and the UKA Competition Licence Year runs from 1st April to 31st March. All competing member fees for 11yr olds and over need a UKA Competing Licence, the fee for this is included in your payment and paid by the Club Membership Secreatary.

Club Vests can be purchased separately from the cabin at £20 crop tops £25, you will need a vest to compete in the Club name.

There has been an increase in club fees this year to help pay for additional track repairs, these increases only effect those member catagories using the track. There has also been anincrease in the UKA Competition Licence Fee to £13, this has been built in to the new fees.

From 1st April 2016 any existing member seeking to renew membership must pay the full membership registration fee. No renewals will be accepted after 30th April

Vest are no longer free on initial registration.

From 1st July 2016 all new members pay half price for membership up to 31st December 2016. Membership renewal for 2017 will be due on 2nd January 2017.

Membership Options
New competing member age from 8 to 10 as at 31 August -
New competing member age from U13 to 17 includes UKA fee
New competing member 18+ (including UKA fee)
Competing road runner new member
Student at Univertisy (not sixth form college) (Includes UKA fee)


Our Online membership system is not available.