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*Are you running for one of the following charities; Joining Jack, Team Felix, The Mayor's Charity, Joseph's Goal, Wigan Rotary Club, Wigan Youth Zone, Blessing In Disguise, Maddi's Butterflies supporting Hand in Hand with Charlie, Champsappeal, Wigan Stars, Carrie On Fighting, WLDCS, Embrace, Wigan Samaritans, Wigan Warriors Foundation, Wigan Athletic Foundation. Please state which one, or none.

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£13.50 - Family Ride age 14 and above
£11.00 - Family Ride 5s-13s (must be riding with an adult)

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This event by its very nature is hazardous and contains certain inherent risks. Participants are responsible for their own safety. It is the participants responsibility to ensure that they are physically capable to start an event of this distance and terrain. Participants should contact their own doctor if they are uncertain on this point. By agreeing to these conditions the participant accepts that they enter this event at their own risk and accept that the event organisers and their employees are not liable for any loss, damage claim, expense, injury or accidents which may arise as a consequence of the participants negligence in this event.

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We are unable to offer refunds or deferrals for the following year as your registration fee, minus admin charges, is donated directly to our organising charity Joining Jack

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