11th February 2018

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From the combined MADness that are the minds of Old Meany (Graham Foot) and Mr Dirty, (Andy Gardner) The MADAX has been spawned.

The MADAX (Mean And Dirty All-terrain Cross) is a middle distance, self-supporting, off-road cycle challenge event. ( This means NO MARSHALS or SIGNAGE).

As with past extravaganzas this event is opened to all the mountain bikers but being kindly souls,  we are opening the doors to our six-toed off-road cousins, the cyclocross-dressing and gravel-bashing children of our “dark-side” relatives, the ones that make you feel very uneasy in their presence: shaven-legged and just a little too attentive to power output and wattage.

As mentioned this is a self supporting, so find your own way format, which means you need to have access to some high tech kit to steer you in the right direction. ( We will have some guides posted on here shortly for you GPS newbies)

If you have both a mountain bike and cyclocrosser, you pays your money and makes your choice. Just remember, Old Meany and Mr Dirty are mountain bikers….whichever bike you choose, may we suggest it has disc brakes. You will at various times curse and rejoice in the decision you made! There’s something for everyone here.

During the course of this event, you will encounter some steep, technical ups and downs, with roots and slippery limestone aplenty. Plan for ploughing headlong through axle-deep muddy pits, fast and flowy singletrack, bridleways some of which will be doubling as streams, along with quiet backroads/ lanes. As for navigation, a GPX file will be sent to you 48 hours ahead of the event, so you will need to be able to download this to a suitable piece of technology, or ride with someone who has. THIS IS YOUR ONLY MEANS OF FOLLOWING THE ROUTE.

Along with your entry should you complete the course you will receive a finishers medal along with hot tea/coffee and possibly a slice or 3 of cake! 🙂

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