27th June 2020

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The Summer Stumble 2020 Only 9 days to go!

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How simple can it be? Well

3 drinks, 5 or 10 miles, 1 unique medal.

The fun starts, and eventually ends, at The Black Buoy in Wivenhoe. You arrive a relatively normal person and then the magic transformation happens, once you have registered for the run you will be pointed to the bar where your first drink awaits you. Participants warm up with their tipple of choice before heading to the Start line and only then the running bit starts.

The route is along the scenic “Colchester Riviera”, taking in the Wivenhoe trail before crossing over the river and turning around and heading to Rowhedge via King Edwards Quay and the Rowhedge trail. A water station, that contains amongst other surprises some water is located at the Quay, this is the turn around point for those stutterers doing the 5 mile version.

For the rest of you, after covering the tad under 5 miles to the turnaround point at The Ye Olde Albion pub you will be greeted by a smiley volunteer with your second drink ready and waiting for you. Get it down you, then get going. Or loiter. Maybe order another drink, or a bottle of Prosecco...or even a pizza, it's been done before.

Gather yourself up and run back the way you came, returning to The Black Buoy, where a third drink awaits, and the clock will stop on completion of your third drink and you will receive our superb hand-crafted medal. Meanwhile, those running 5 miles have two drinks awaiting them at the finish that have to be finished to stop the clock.

Not only is there this beautiful finishers medal, there are additional prizes for winners of each category as well as a few little treats for you around the course.

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The LBRC 10 mile Summer Stumble
The LBRC 5 mile Summer Stutter