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Online payment for Zip top Hoodies and Tech T-shirts (with or without P&P)

3 Ships in the Sky Tote Bag with P&P

Postcards from the 2018 Road Art work

Pictures from finish backdrop 2018 - high resolution will be sent by email

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£28.50 - Hoodie with P&P
£22.00 - Wicking T-shirt with P&P
£25.00 - Hoodie without P&P
£18.50 - Wicking T-shirt without P&P
£1.00 - Single Postcard inc P&P
£1.25 - Two Postcards inc P&P
£5.00 - Postcards full set inc P&P
£3.00 - High Res picture with finisher backdrop
£2.40 - Dave MacDonald Haltemprice 10K UKA to NON UKA fee

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