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Blaydon Race Bus 2018

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Roll up, Roll up, Book your place on The Alnwick Harriers bus to / from the Balydon race.  The bus will pick up from Willowburn and Felton and drop us in Newcastle.  On return the bus will pick us up from Blaydon (at the pub) and drop off at Felton and Willowburn.

Leave Willowburn 1300 via Felton (~1310)

Leave the pub at 1800

Date always the 9th of June !!

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£5.00 - Return (Alnwick Harriers member)
£2.50 - Single to Newcastle (Alnwick Harriers member)
£2.50 - Single from Blaydon (Alnwick Harriers member)
£10.00 - Return (Non member)
£5.00 - Single to Newcastle (Non member)
£5.00 - Single to Blaydon (Non member)

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*Currently the bus is booked as a 33 seater, depending on level of interest we may be able to increase or decrease as necessary.

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*No refunds

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