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Great North Run Club Bus 2019

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Great North Run: Club Bus 8th September 2019

Itinerary - please be prompt and on-time for the departure times (other times shown are approx.)

PLEASE NOTE: Times still need to be confirmed

06.45 - Longstaffs Garage, Coquet Enterprise Park

07.15 - Willowburn Leisure Centre

07.30 - Char Mausum, Stannington

Leaving at 15.00 hours from Sea Road, South Shields. 

Returning via Stannington, Willowburn and finally Longstaffs Garage

Entries close on the 1st September 2018 or when the bus is full, whichever occurs first.

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£5.00 - Return (Alnwick Harrier Club Member Only)
£2.50 - One-way to Newcastle (Alnwick Harrier Club Member Only)
£2.50 - One-way from South Shields (Alnwick Harrier Club Member Only)
£10.00 - Return (Non-member)
£5.00 - One-way to Newcastle (Non-member)
£5.00 - One-way from South Shields (Non-member)

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*Travel is available to both members of Alnwick Harriers and non-members

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