Long Crendon Steeple to Steeple Challenge


The route begins at St Mary's Church in Long Crendon and runs to St Nicholas' Church, Chearsley. Runners return along the same path as far as Notley Farm, then turn left and complete a loop past Notley Abbey and the River Thame before returning across the fields and back to St Mary's. The route will be marked by clear signage on the day but may be subject to change. 

Marshals will be in place at major intersections of paths and near hazards. Please note hills, streams and the level crossing just before Chearsley. Runners will be expected to cross the railway lines under their own guidance: Marshals cannot advise each runner in turn as they approach. Please take great care: Network Rail have warned all drivers on the morning and we will be giving specific safety advice at the pre-race briefing.