Abington 10k & Fun Run

Race Information

Abington 10k & Fun Run  2019         

Race-Day Information

Sunday 6th October 2019, Start 10:30am at Granta Park 

We are looking forward to seeing you for the Abington 10k & Fun Run 2019. This leaflet contains important information for the day. 


Start and finish for both races is near the Cricket Pavilion in Granta Park. There is plenty of parking, please set your SatNav to CB21 6GP. For additional directions see www.grantapark.co.uk. Please note that Pampisford Road will be closed between the top of Great Abington High Street and the Granta Park roundabout. The gate on the footpath from Great Abington High Street will be open for the day. 

Before the Start 

You can pick up your race numbers from 8:45 to 10:15am from the Race Headquarters located next to the Cricket Pavilion. 

Please quote your race number, which you should have received by email prior to the race. 

-          Please fix your race number to the front of your shirt in four corners. Spare safety pins are available. 

-          We have printed some of the information you have provided on the back of the race number. May we please ask you to check this information and correct/complete as appropriate. 

-          Please notify us of any medical conditions which were not included in your registration form. 

-          Both races use chip timing. The timing chip is fixed to your race number and will register start and finish. 

-      A baggage facility is available for you which will also offer to hold car keys during the race. 

-      Toilets are available near the start. 

-          Should you drop out during the race, please inform the nearest marshal. If necessary, a medical response team is in attendance. 

-          If you cannot compete we accept name changes until 5pm on 29th September by email to abington10k@gmail.com.  Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a refund. 

Risk Advice 

-          Runners are advised to warm-up before the start to reduce the risk of injury. 

-      Children as spectators or participants are the responsibility of their parents/carers at all times, including during the Fun Run. 

-      Should children get lost, please contact the Race Headquarters for help. 

-      Part of the 10k route takes the runners on public roads, and runners are advised that they do not have priority over other road users and must give way in the event of conflict or if police or emergency vehicles require access to the route. Keep to the left side of public roads. 


The 10k course has been officially measured with a multi-terrain certificate. We use a rope to measure the distance from the end of measurement to the finish. On the first kilometre within Granta Park we may need to move the route from the footpath onto the road at short notice. This is due to building work, which may not finish in time for the race. In this case we will measure the difference in distance and adjust the finish position to compensate. 

The course of the Fun Run is the same as the 10k for the first kilometre and then continues straight at the main roundabout to stay entirely within Granta Park. 

On the Start Line

-          All runners are requested to assemble in the start area 10 minutes before the start.

-          The start time for the 10k race is 10:30am. At the start we provide signs with expected race times, we ask all runners to line-up according to their expected race times.

-          The 2k Fun Run will start a few minutes after the 10k race. No doubt we will find the most ambitious young runners at the front.


-          Marshals will direct and assist both the 10k and Fun Run, their instructions must be observed at all times.

-          The 10k course has distance markers every kilometre. This year we have three water stations near 3km, just before 6km and before 7km.

-          Headphones are not permitted on the course


-          When you are really exhausted and pass the Cricket Pavilion … keep going! You have to run past the Pavilion onto the cricket pitch, where the Finish is marked. 

Post-Race Refreshments

-          Refreshments will be provided in the finish area and back at the Pavilion you can again look forward to the Abington Pre-School’s cake stall.

Trophies & Results




1st, 2nd & 3rd overall winner (Trophies)

1st Veteran 40+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 50+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 60+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 70+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 80+ (Mug)

1st Abington/Hildersham Resident (Mug)

1st Granta Park Championship (Mug)

1st, 2nd & 3rd overall winner (Trophies)

1st Veteran 35+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 45+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 55+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 65+ (Mug)

1st Veterans 75+ (Mug)

1st Abington/Hildersham Resident (Mug)

1st Granta Park Championship (Mug)

Fun Run

1st, 2nd & 3rd Under 16 (Trophies)

1st Abington Primary School KS1 (Trophy)    

1st Abington Primary School KS2 (Trophy)    

Book tokens for the following

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Abington Primary School KS1

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Abington Primary School KS2

1st, 2nd & 3rd Under 16 (Trophies)

1st Abington Primary School KS1 (Trophy)    

1st Abington Primary School KS2 (Trophy)    

Book tokens for the following

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Abington Primary School KS1

1st, 2nd & 3rd  Abington Primary School KS2

Prizes for the 10k as well as Fun Run under 16 and cluster schools will be announced approx. 11:45am.

-          Winners for the Abington KS1/2 will be announced at school assembly.


Results will be available online:


Fun Run


-          We would like to take this opportunity to point out that Granta Park have kindly agreed to let us use their grounds solely for the purpose of the race. 

More Questions?

-          Please email Abington10k@gmail.com

We welcome comments/suggestions to improve future events.

Enjoy the race!

Great Abington Primary School PTFA