25th March 2018

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Current Competitors

Name Club
Paul Adams LincsQuad
Marc Adams N/A
Helen Adamson Billingham Marsh House Harriers
Susie Adcock Withernsea Harriers
Heidi Akester East Hull Harriers & AC
Shaun Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Lee Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Tony Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Allan Darlington H & AC
Ann Allen East Hull Harriers & AC
Samantha Allen Beverley AC
Jane Allen West Hull Ladies RRC
Andy Allison N/A
Phil Ambler N/a
Nicola Amidulla Driffield Striders
Jemma Anderson Steel City Striders
Sue Anderson Wolds Veterans RC
Stuart Anthony N/A
Dave Armstrong Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Janet Armstrong Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Peter Armstrong Darlington H & AC
Mark Armstrong Sleaford Town Runners
Gemma Ash N/A
Alan Ashburner North Derbyshire RC
Tim Ashby Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Christian Ashton Scunthorpe & District AC
Shaun Atkinson East Hull Harriers & AC
Robert Ayton Scunthorpe & District AC
Steve Babb City of Hull AC
Trevor Babb White City Hull RRC
Jonathan Bailey N/A
Mark Baines Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Baker Selby Striders
Joe Baker Stadium Runners
Stephen Baker Kingston upon Hull ac
Gerry Banham Stainland Lions RC
Stephen Banks Lincoln & District
Jen Barber Askern running club
Caroline Barker Hornsea Harriers
Ann Barker North Derbyshire RC
Sean Barkes Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Carl Barnaby N/a
Simon Barnes Yorkshire Wold Runners
Jo Barnsley Cleethorpes & District AC
Mark Barnsley Cleethorpes & District AC
Daniel Barrass City of Hull AC
Ashleigh Barron Steel City Striders
Craig Barstow Harrogate Harriers & AC
Clare Bates Barnsley Harriers
Gary Bates North Derbyshire RC
Steve Bateson East Hull Harriers & AC
Alexandra Battersby Tyne Bridge Harriers
Jonny Beach N/A
Lorraine Beavis Hyde Park Harriers
Samuel Beckett Crook & District AC
Jennifer Beech East Hull Harriers & AC
David Bell East Hull Harriers & AC
Gemma Bell Barton & District AC
Martin Bell Kimberworth Striders RC
Janette Benaddi N/A
Laura Bennett N/A
Giles Bennett Selby Striders
Laura Bennett Barnsley Harriers
Hanna Bennett Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Danni Biedka Roundhay Runners
Tracy Biney Steel City Striders
Nicole Biney N/A
Dean Bingley Caistor Running Club
Kerry Bird Skegness and district
Ben Birtles City of hull
Rebecca Black N/A
Chris Blackabee Southend on Sea
Alyson Blakeley Roundhay Runners
Lee Blakeston East Hull Harriers
Karen Blick N/A
Hein Bo Scunthorpe & District AC
Andrew Bolas N/A
Graeme Bolland Sheffield Running Club
Shaun Bonnar East Hull Harriers & AC
Rowan Booth Caistor Running Club
Chris Booth East Hull Harriers & AC
Melanie Boughen Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Boughen N/A
Marcus Bourne Pocklington Runners
Lewis Bourner Middlesbrough and clevand harriers
Paul Bowman City of Hull AC
Geoff Bowman Roundhay Runners
Russell Bowry York Knavesmire Harriers
Steven Bowyer Blackhill Bounders
Nick Boyd Pocklington Runners
Stephen Braddock Hornsea Harriers
Scott Bradley N/A
Amber Bradley Cleethorpes and district
Barry Bradley Wolds Veterans RC
Jonathan Brayshaw Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Emma Brear Steel City Striders
Heather Brennan Clowne Road Runners
Amy Brewster West Hull Runners
Victoria Brides Horsforth Harriers
Beverley Brisby Fitmums And Friends
Martin Brock Knaresborough Striders
Timothy Brooke Penistone Footpath Runners & AC
Mark Broom N/A
Richard Brothwell N/A
Dean Brown Kippax Harriers
John Brown Cleethorpes athletics
Derek Brown City of Hull AC
David Brown Beverley AC
Sam Brown N/A
Cassy Burrows N/A
Adrian Bushby City of Hull AC
Tim Butler Lincoln and District
David Butt East Hull Harriers & AC
Elinor Butterfield Lincoln & District Runners
Megan Button Penistone Footpath Runners
Andy Byatt Louth Athletic
Sally Cadle Skegness and District Running Club
James Cadwallender Pocklington Runners
James Cahill N/A
Albert Call cleerhorps tri club
Tom Calvert Knaresborough Striders
Garry Carr Barnsley Harriers
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
Maura Chacksfield
Jeanette Chambers White City Hull RRC
Jonathan Chapman Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Tom Charlton Tyne Bridge Harriers
Sunny Cheema Abbey Runners
Anne Cheeseman Ripon Runners
Christopher Chestney East Hull Harriers & AC
Ann Chivers Roundhay Runners
Ross Christie Gateshead Harriers & AC
James Clarke Crossgate Harriers
Bradley Clarke Crossgate Harriers
Alan Clarke Cleethorpes & District AC
Tim Clayton Ripley RC
Daniel Clayton York Postal Harriers
Liz Close Clowne Road Runners
Andrea Clyburn Billingham Marsh House Harriers
Ewan Cochrane York Knavesmire Harriers
Sarah Coleman Cleethorpes & District AC
Paul Collins Sunderland Harriers & AC
Gail Colville Barnsley AC
Andrew Conlon East Hull Fit Mums and Friends
Aimee Cook Tyne Bridge Harriers
Oliver Cook Long Eaton RC
Melanie Cook Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers
Richard Cooper N/A
Sheryl Cooper East Hull Harriers & AC
Julie Cooper North Derbyshire RC
Steve Cooper 3XTRI
Chloe Cooper N/A
Peter Cooper Danum Harriers
Nikki Cooper Sleaford Town Runners
Dean Cope Scunthorpe & District AC
Caroline Copeland Ackworth Road Runners
James Corbett Scunthorpe & District AC
Chris Corcoran Leeds City AC
Matthew Cormack N/A
Gary Couzens East Hull Harriers & AC
Stephen Coveney City of Hull AC
Tim Cowham York Knavesmire Harriers
Matthew Cox Ilkley Harriers
Elita Cozens N/A
Lee Craven Kingston upon Hull AC
Mark Crellin Cleethorpes Tri Club
Tony Cross East Hull Harriers & AC
Grazia Crosskill Barton & District AC
Paul Croughan N/A
Lisa Croughan Na
Margaret Crummack Team Manvers
Daniella Cullum Cleethorpes Tri Club
Neil Curtis Scunthorpe & District AC
Jayne Cuthbertson Fitmums And Friends
Mark Cutts Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Mark Dalton Beverley AC
Scott Daly Pontefract AC
Brian Darrington Skegness and District Running Club
David Darton York Knavesmire Harriers
Robert Davies Barnsley AC
Tom Dawson East Hull Harriers & AC
Rosie Dawson Billingham Marsh House Harriers
Stacey Dawson NA
Lindi Day Fitmums And Friends
Andy Dean Dewsbury Road Runners
Ben Devereux N/A
Anna Devine
Rosie Dews N/A
Helen Dews Yorkshire vikings
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Dickens Hyde Park Harriers
Joanne Diffey Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Stella Dinsdale White City Hull RRC
Mark Dixon N/A
Caroline Dixon Caistor Running Club
Bill Dixon East Hull Harriers & AC
Jessica Dodds Kimberworth Striders RC
Lee Dodds Kimberworth Striders RC
Sander Dommers East Hull Harriers & AC
Dawn Donald N/A
Simon Downs Kingston upon Hull AC
Nigel Dowse N/A
Neil Dowse Scunthorpe & District AC
Jill Dowson Pocklington Runners
Emma Dransfield Rounday Runners
Graham Drewery City of Hull AC
Gareth Driffill N/A
Stephen Dring Wolds Veteran RC
Michelle Drury N/A
James Durham Beverley AC
Stefan Durkin York Knavesmire Harriers
Mike East N/A
Paul Eastwood Pocklington Runners
Damian Eddyshaw N/A
Mark Edwards White City Hull RRC
Craig Edwards Cleethorpes & District AC
Adam Ellis Abbey Runners
Claire Ellis N/A
Louise Elrington Barnsley Harriers
David Elsom Clowne Road Runners
Sara Elson Roundhay Runners
Laura Emms Beverley AC
Jarrad Englestown Selby Striders
Stuart Eskrett Beverley AC
Joe Evans Fitmums And Friends
Emma Evans Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Sian Evans Steel City Striders
Sarah Evans Scunthorpe & District AC
Ben Evison Skegness triathlon club
Gary Fee East Hull Harriers & AC
Carole Fee East Hull Harriers & AC
Fay Fenwick N/A
Andrew Fewster East Hull Harriers & AC
Nathan Fisher Skegness Coasters
Ben Fitzpatrick N/A
John Flanagan N/A
Robert Fletcher Barracuda Triathlon Club
David Fletcher N/A
Nathan Fletcher Sheffield Running Club
Catherine Foley N/A
Nik Forman Cleethorpes & District AC
Nicola Forwood Hyde Park Harriers
Andrew Foster Cleethorpes & District AC
Lisa Foster Cleethorpes & District AC
Richard Fouuntain York Knavesmire Harriers
Stacey Fox N/A
Karen Fraser N/A
Bethan Gamlin Steel City Striders
Jonathan Garner Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Kerry Garner Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Elaine Garvican Beverley AC
Tom Gelsthorpe
Mark George Kippax Harriers
Dave George Barton & District AC
Mindaugas Gibas N/A
Tracey Gibbon Danum Harrier
Richard Gibbs Roundhay Runners
Lisa Gibson N/A
Guy Gibson East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Gill Harrogate Harriers & AC
William Goddard Roundhay Runners
Maya Goia N/A
Martyn Goldsack Steel City Striders
Marina Gooch Winterton Running Club
Michael Good Middlesbrough and Cleveland Harriers
Paul Goodlass Driffield Striders
Richard Goodliffe Barton & District AC
Steve Goodwin N/A
Martin Gordon-kerr Rutland running and triathlon club
Lottie Grace N/A
Andrew Grainger Beverley AC
Tracey Graney
Daniel Grant St Theresas AC
Robert Gray Wetherby Runners
John Gray Fitmums And Friends
Helen Gray Roundhay runners
Bob Green Skegness and district
Wayne Greenfield Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Karl Greensmith Cleethorpes & District AC
Ashleigh Greenwood Stadium Runners
Nick Griffin York Knavesmire Harriers
Paul Griffiths Cleethorpes & District AC
Paul Grist Kirkstall Harriers
Andrew Gristwood Cleethorpes & District AC
Tim Groves East Hull Harriers & AC
Laura Gunstead East Hull Harriers & AC
Natalie Hale Knaresborough Striders
Martin Hall Spenborough & District AC
Iain Hall North York Moors AC
Gillian Halliwell Yorkshire wolds runners
Glenn Halsey Humber Triathletes
Andrew Hannigan N/A
David Hannigan N/A
Celina Hanson n/a
Martin Hardey East Hull Harriers & AC
Steve Hardisty N/A
James Hare N/A
Michael Hargreaves East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicholas Harne City of Hull AC
Mark Harney York Knavesmire Harriers
Lance Harris Withernsea Harriers
Ian Harris Billingham Marsh House Harriers
Cally Harrison East Hull Harriers & AC
Rob Harrison N/A
Mark Harvey Skegness Coasters
Andy Haslam Roundhay Runners
Steven Hattersley Clowne Road Runners
Julie Hawkins Grimsby Harriers
Martin Haworth Scunthorpe & District AC
Steve Hawtree Barracuda Triathlon Club
Matthew Hayes East Hull Harriers & AC
Christopher Healy Kingston-upon-Hull AC
Vikki Hearn Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Marie Hemingway Barnsley Harriers
Zoey Heneachon Selby Striders
Chris Heneachon Selby Striders
Alan Hewett Lakeside Lincoln RC
Sean Hewitt Wakefield Triatalon Club
Daz Hewitt Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Daryl Hibberd Valley Striders
Luke Hickey
Sean Higgins N/A
Jason Higgins York Knavesmire Harriers
Iain Hill 3XTRI
Owen Hilton Abbey Runners
Mark Hinchcliffe Askern District RC
Justin Hindmarch Darlington H & AC
Adam Hindson City of Hull
Cher Hines N/A
John Hobbs Valley Striders
Tony Hodge Roundhay Runners
Alison Hoggarth Goole Viking Striders
Daniel Holden-jones N/A
Jim Holding Pocklington Runners
Andy Holladay York Knavesmire Harriers
Steve Holmes N/A
Kristie Holroyd Lincoln & District Runners
Emma Holt rotherham harriers ac
Simon Holt Rotherham Harriers & AC
Steven Holwell Withernsea Harriers
Matthew Holwell N/A
Tony Hooper Cleethorpes & District AC
Kristopher Hopkins East Hull Harriers & AC
Christian Hopkins Handsworth road hogs
Jay Horne N/A
Chris Horton Badgers
Brian Hostad Wolds Veterans RC
David Howes Barnsley Harriers
Linda Huart East Hull Harriers & AC
Keith Hudson Ilkeston
Rebecca Hunt Kimberworth Striders RC
Steven Hunter White City Hull RRC
Matthew Hunton Driffield Striders
John Hurse Tyne Bridge Harriers
Bev Hurst Horsforth Harriers
Anita Hurton N/A
Phil Hutchinson Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club
Razwan Ilyas Barracuda Triathlon Club
Lloyd Isam Barnsley Harriers
Debbie Jacketts East Hull Harriers & AC
Steven Jacketts East Hull Harriers & AC
David Jackson badgers
Luke Jackson East Hull Harriers & AC
Mark Jackson Easingwold RC
Patrick Jackson Wetherby Runners
Alan Jackson Pocklington Runners
Peter Jackson Pocklington Runners
Melanie James Scunthorpe & District AC
Rachel Jardine Barnsley Harriers
Anna Jebson
Graham Jenkinson White City Hull RRC
Steve Jenkinson North Derbyshire RC
Martin Jessop Skegness Coasters
Natalie Jewell N/A
Mark Johnson Scunthorpe & District AC
Charlotte Jones Worksop Harriers
Marie Jones N/A
Michael Joules N/A
Howard Justice Cleethorpes & District AC
Ryan Kavanagh Tadcaster Harriers
Janet Kay East Hull Harriers & AC
Mike Keddie Dewsbury Road Runners
Matthew Kellett Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Naomi Kellett Hyde Park Harriers
Darryl Kelsey Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Helen Kennedy Roundhay Runners
Jo Kent Fitmums And Friends
Wayne Kew Mablethorpe RC
Sarah Kilkenny N/A
Leanne Kilvington Humber Triathletes
Julie King Clowne Road Runners
Darren King Clowne Road Runners
Judith Kippax Valley Hill Runners
Paul Kippax N/A
Ian Kirk Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Adam Kirk Nidd Valley Road Runners
Adele Kitchen Barnsley Harriers
Janie Kitching Barnsley Harriers
Kevin Klikenny N/A
Peter Knight Rotherham Harriers and AC
Helen Knights Cleethorpes & District AC
Joseph Kwallah Wetherby Runners
Darren Lambert D.A.C
Richard Lambert Danum Harriers
Jane Lammiman Louth AC
David Langford Danum Harriers
Daniel Laybourne Humber Triathletes
Colin Lea York Knavesmire Harriers
Rachel Lear Skegness and District Running Club
Andy Leeson Scunthorpe & District AC
Rikki Lenton South Leeds Lakers
Suzanne Leusby Clowne Road Runners
Patrick Lewis Humber Triathletes
Susan Lewis Roundhay Runners
Christopher Lilley Kimberworth Striders
Liz Lindstrom Scunthorpe & District AC
Huw Lippiatt Valley Striders
Stephen Lister Kingstone Runners
John Lock cleethorpes ac
Ann Long East Hull Harriers & AC
John Long East Hull Harriers & AC
Ric Longcake Lincsqaud
Suzie Lovell N/A
Helen Lowe n/a
Natalie Lowe Kimberworth Striders RC
Georgina Lundie Pocklington Runners
Thomas Lynch
Mark Lyon Skegness and district running club
Leigh Macdonald Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Mike Macdougall Wold Veterans Running Club
Dave Mackinder N/A
Duncan Macleay N/A
Richard Macleod East Hull Harriers & AC
John Macphail Dewsbury Road Runners
Stephen Maddison York Knavesmire Harriers
Anthony Madge Grantham AC
Igor Manestar N/A
Lee-anne Manley Worksop Harriers
Hamid Mardi City of Hull AC
Jessica Marrison N/A
Scott Marrison Barton & District AC
Anna Martin Beverley AC
Ian Martin York Triathlon
Tamzen Maslin Fitmums And Friends
John Massingham Rotherham Harriers & AC
Sarah-jane Massingham Clowne Road Runners
Chris Mather Barton & District AC
Alison Matthews Darlington H & AC
Sharon Maughan Doncaster AC
Mark Mawson White City Hull RRC
L Elise Mcclure N/A
Sian Mccourt Wolds Veterans Running Club
Simon Mccudden Ripon Runners
Denise Mcgeachy Chapel Allerton Runners
Rebecca Mcguinness Tadcaster Harriers
Tracie Mcguire Caistor running club
Shaun Mcmanus White City Hull RRC
Dominic Mcpherson City of Hull AC
Jeff Mcqueen East Hull Harriers & AC
Rich Mcwatt 3XTRI
Jamie Megginson N/A
Jonathan Melling Pocklington Runners
Camilla Mercer Worksop Harriers
Steve Middup Selby Striders
Peter Midgley N/A
Simon Midwood Valley Striders
Barbara Ann Miller West hull ladies
Tracy Millmore Birtley AC
Claire Mills Lincoln & District Runners
Jessica Milner N/A
Json Mitchell Werrington Joggers
Neil Mitchell Skegness Coasters
David Monaghan City of Hull AC
Karen Moore N/A
Jane Morby York Knavesmire Harriers
Alexia Morgan Hornsea Harriers
Camilla Morgan Lincsquad
Andrea Morley Scunthorpe & District AC
Margaret Morris Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
James Morris Dewsbury Road Runners
Carl Mortimer N/A
Lee Mountain N/A
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Gareth Moyle City of Hull AC
Mark Muir N/A
Kevin-malachy Murphy harrogate harriers &AC
Sarah Murray N/A
Lee Murrell N/A
Maxine Mussell cleerhorps tri club
Elizabeth Nairn Selby Striders
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Michelle Needham Clowne Road Runners
Mark Nettleton Barton and District AC
Paula Newton Kingstone Runners
Dan Newton East Hull Harriers & AC
Katy Nicholson West Hull ladies
Paul Nippress East Hull Harriers & AC
Jane Nodder York
Andrew Norton Notts. AC
Andrew Nuut Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Lindsay O'connor Scunthorpe & District AC
Fiona Oakes Beverley AC
Kieran O’brien Kirkstall Harriers
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Rachel Olsen East Hull Harriers & AC
Luke Osborn York Knavesmire Harriers
Paul Osborne Kingston upon Hull AC
Jennie Owst N/A
Julie Oxenforth Scunthorpe & District AC
Marcus Pape N/A
David Parkes White City Hull RRC
Sylvia Parkinson Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
John Parry N/A
Simon Partridge York Postal Harriers
Emily Pattison N/A
Sarah Pattison N/A
Helen Pavey Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Cheryl Pawson Skegness and District Running Club
Stephen Peacock 2709047
Laura Pearson Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
James Pearson East Hull Harriers & AC
Simon Pearson Scarborough Athletic Club
Abigail Pearson Scunthorpe & District AC
David Pendlebury North Derbyshire RC
Glenn Peniston Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Kevin Penny N/A
Rachael Perowne Tyne Bridge Harriers
Tomas Petersen York Knavesmire Harriers
Michael Petersen East Hull Harriers & AC
Craig Pettit N/A
Verity Pick West Hull Ladies
Diane Pickering West Hull Ladies
Ian Pickett Tyne Bridge Harriers
David Pickles N\A
Steve Pinn Roundhay Runners
Freeman Platts N/A
Paul Popplewell N/A
Peter Poppy Danum Harriers.
Simon Porter Bridlington Road Runners
Rachel Portlock Wolds Veterans RC
Mattie Portlock Wolds Veterans RC
Mike Potter Kingston upon Hull AC
Edward Powell Roundhay Runners
Andrew Powell Lincoln and District
Nik Pratap N/A
Nicholas Pratt
Dan Price Chapel Allerton Runners
Malcolm Procter Danum Harriers
Jennifer Prowse N/A
Robert Pruszak SRG Nottingham
Richard Purser York Knavesmire Harriers
Matthew Pye City of Hull AC
Stephen Raby Horsforth Harriers
Phil Raddall York Postal Harriers
Chris Ramsay Danum Harriers
Chris Reader Skegness and District Running Club
Anthony Rebori N/A
Mark Reed Fitmums And Friends
Darren Reevell Pocklington Runners
Clive Reid Pocklington Runners
Robert Rennie Skegness coasters
Joe Restall Askern d.r.c
Jackie Rhodes Skegness Coasters
Adam Rhodes Kirkstall Harriers
Simon Richardson Pocklington Runners
Angela Riley N/A
David Rimmer East Hull Harriers & AC
Pamela Ritucci Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Roderick Rivers Kimberworth Striders RC
Alex Roberts N/A
Jonathan Roberts Lincoln & District Runners
Marc Robertson N/A
Michael Robins Valley Striders
Ian Robinson Heaton Harriers
Nathan Robinson Doncaster AC
Mark Robinson York Knavesmire Harriers
Jacquie Robson Durham City Harriers & AC
Linda Roche n/a
Maurice Rodwell Doncaster AC
Clare Rogers knaresborough striders
Pam Rollinson N/A
Sara Rookyard East Hull Harriers
Danny Rose N/A
Sarah Rose-crawford N/A
Joanna Rowland Beverley AC
Samantha Russell Na
Alex Russell Na
Ben Sadowyj Barton & District AC
Julie Salvidge East Hull Harriers & AC
Jason Scatcherd
Laura Schofield York Knavesmire Harriers
Neil Schofield Steel City Striders
Craig Scott Scunthorpe & District AC
Christopher Scott N/A
Gemma Scott Scunthorpe & District AC
David Scott Cleethorpes Tri Club
Keith Scott Scunthorpe and district ac
Simon Scully Doncaster AC
Jules Seddon N/A
Naakesha Seth Horsforth Harriers
Kevin Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
Rachael Sharp Fitmums And Friends
Graham Sheen Clowne Road Runners
Andy Shelton Skegness & District RC
Rachel Shinn Skegness Coasters
Corrina Shore
David Shores Nidd Valley Road Runners
Paul Shotton Wakefield triathlon club
Kevin Sibley Steel City Striders
Carrie Simmonds Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Hayley Simpson N/A
Shamiso Sisimayi Harrogate Harriers
Christopher Slight Scunthorpe & District AC
Andrew Sloan Tadcaster Harriers
Lindsay Smith N/A
Michelle Smith Fitmums And Friends
Graeme Smith East Hull Harriers & AC
Lee Smith Grimsby Harriers
Alan Smith White City Hull RRC
Sue Smith Skegness Coasters
Robert Smith Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Helen Smith Kippax Harriers
Karl Smith N/A
Chris Smith N/A
Nathaniel Snell Orchard Eagles Running Club
Matthew Snow N/A
Walter R Somerville N/A
Glyn Sparks Scunthorpe & District AC
Simon Spears Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Paul Spence N/A
Samuel Spencer Lincoln Tri
Mark Spikings City of Hull AC
Richard Spooner Barnsley Harriers
Michael Sprot Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield AC
Lynne Stabler Beverley AC
Paul Stables N/A
David Stainthorpe Selby Striders
Richard Stanton N/A
Lynn Stephenson N/A
Kerry Storrar Barnsley A C
Chris Sumner Valley Hill Runners
Chris Sumpton East Hull Harriers & AC
Dale Swinton Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Richard Tarren York Knavesmire Harriers
Diana-florina Tauteanu N/A
Steve Taylor Stadium Runners
Damien Taylor BADGERS
Wendy Taylor Hornsea Harriers
Stephen Taylor East Hull Harriers & AC
Josh Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Liam Taylor Scunthorpe & District AC
Mark Taylor-browning N/A
Steve Tebb Clowne Road Runners
Paul Teece East Hull Harriers & AC
Lynette Temperton-ball Doncaster AC
Stephen Tether N/A
Richard Thomas N/A
Peter Thomas N/a
Lucy Thompson Hornsea Harriers
Mark Thompson N/A
Deborah Thompson Doncaster AC
Greg Thorley Rothwell Harriers
Kate Thorneloe
Marc Thorpe Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Stephen Tichopad East Hull Harriers & AC
Amanda Tindall Bridlington Road Runners
Andy Todd Nidd Valley Road Runners
Simon Tordoff Tadcaster Harriers
Lindsay Toulson York Knavesmire Harriers
Jillie Townend Harrogate Harriers & AC
Georgina Townsend Knaresborough Striders
Trevor Townsend Barnsley Harriers
Martin Troop Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Carole Tumber Skegness Coasters
Craig Turner
Lesley Turner Caistor Running Club
Nicholas Tutill York Knavesmire Harriers
Elizabeth Underwood Hornsea Harrier
Ken Upshall N/A
Alistair Urquhart Roundhay Runners
Joanne Vessey N/A
Michael Vinegrad Chapel Allerton Runners
Nicola Walker
Stephen Walker Beverley AC
Gavin Walker Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Trevor Walker Driffield Striders
Richard Walker York Knavesmire Harriers
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Will Walker Ackworth Road Runners & AC
David Walsh Redhill Road Runners
Kathryn Walsh Redhill Road Runners
Hayley Walters N/A
Martin Ward N/A
Robert Ward York Knavesmire Harriers
Adelle Wardle NA
Anna Warner Cleethorpes Tri Club
Andrew Warrender St Theresas AC
Susie Warris Askern District RC
Mark Waterson City of Hull AC
David Watson N/A
Emma Watts Scunthorpe & District AC
Rob Waugh N/A
Julie Weatherill Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Peter Weatherill UKnetrunner.co.uk
Glen Webb Thorne twilight trotters
Judith Webb 100 Marathon Club
Becci Wells Cleethorpes tri club
Suzanne Wesson East Hull Harriers & AC
Matthew West Skegness & District Running Club
Rebecca West Penistone Footpath Runners & Athletics Club
Joanne Wetherill N/A
Caroline Wheelhouse Doncaster AC
Paul Whitaker York Acorn
Greg Whitehead N/A
Jen Whiteman Chapel Allerton Runners
Paul Whitfield South leeds lakers
Anthony Whitley N/A
Lara Wickham Wolds Veterans RC
Andrew Wigglesworth East Hull Harriers & AC
John Wilbraham Wolds Veterans RC
Sharron Wiley West Hull Ladies
David Wilkinson Ravens City of London Running Club
Rupert Wilks City of Hull AC
Ryan Williams Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Emma Williams None
Mark Williamson Hornsea Harriers
David Wilson N/A
Danny Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Julie Wilson Crossgate Harriers
Kirsty Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Drew Wilson Hornsea Harriers
Robert Windard Lincoln & District Runners
Kelly Winnard N/A
Katie Wise Pocklington Runners
Sarah Wood N/A
Mick Wood Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Bruce Woodford Beverley AC
Elly Woodhead Kimberworth striders
Helen Worsfold Clowne Road Runners
Paul Wray East Hull Harriers & AC
Angela Wray Tadcaster Harriers
Ian Wright City of Hull AC
James Wright Knaresborough Striders
Stephen Young York Postal Harriers
Martin Young White City Hull RRC
Innes Young Roundhay Runners
Magdalena Zaremba East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Zergi N/A
Rebecca Zserdicky Wakefield District Harriers & AC