14th June 2019

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Current Competitors

Name Club
Alex Able Fitmums And Friends
Janet Ainley West Hull ladies
Kate Albutt Yorkshire Wold Runners
Tony Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Chris Aldred N/A
Jane Allen West Hull Ladies
Mandy Anderson N/A
Sarah Anderson Fitmums And Friends
Emma Artley Bridlington Road Runners
Alison Arundel Yorkshire world runners
Francine Ashforth Fitmums And Friends
Steve Babb City of Hull AC
Trevor Babb White City Hull RRC
Ian Bailey Skegness Coasters
Karan Baker N/A
Brian Baker N/A
Heidi Baker Bridlington Road Runners
Michelle Baker N/A
Angela Baker Fit Happens
Anne Bakker Haltemprice rrc
Nikki Bakolis-medd N/A
Jane Barham Pocklington Runners
Sarah Barker Na
David Barker White City Hull RRC
Samantha Barlow Fitmums And Friends
Claire Barnes Yorkshire wolds runners
Sally Beckett Tadcaster Harriers
Ellen Beddows Yorkshire wolds runners
Sue Beever East Hull Harriers & AC
Helena Bennett N/A
Darren Benstead N/A
Sarah Benton-rose Vegan Runners UK
Pip Betts N/a
Terrie Bixby West Hull Ladies
Leanne Blackford N/A
Nina Blake-james Pocklington Runners
Rachel Boddice West Hull Ladies
Paul Bond Doncaster AC
Louise Booth N/A
Philip Edward Booth N/A
Caroline Botterill N:A
Mandy Bower Pocklington Runners
Stuart Bowes Bridlington Road Runners
Sharon Bowes Bridlington Road Runners
Nick Boyd Pocklington Runners
Kate Boyd Pocklington Runners
Gill Boynton York Acorn
Stephen Boynton British library BSA
Clare Brocklebank Fitmums And Friends
Keith Brocklesby N/A
Jonny Brown N/A
Ken Brown N/A
Danny Brunton Bridlington Road Runners
Harry Bryan N/A
Nicholas Buckley N/A
Sue Burgess N/A
David Burgess N/A
Roger Burkill South Leeds Lakers
Cassidy Burn-devries N/A
Oliver Burnett N/A
Beccie Cahill West Hull Runners
Ruth Campion N/A
Emma Cansick N/A
Ben Cardy Fitmums And Friends
Rob Caroline N/A
Sally Cass N/A
Lydia Catchpole Fitmums And Friends
Grace Cauldwell Fitmums and Friends
Clare Chappell Pocklington Runners
Megan Chown Beverley AC
David Clark Beverley AC
Nicholas Close N/A
Rebeca Close N/A
Allison Coggan Hornsea Harriers
Ian Coggan Hornsea Harriers
Judi Cole Fitmums And Friends
Keith Conkerton East Hull Harriers & AC
Carol Cooke East Hull Harriers & AC
Robert Cooper Easingwold RC
Stephanie Cooper Easingwold RC
Jeffrey Copping City of Hull AC
Katy Cornforth N/A
Carolyn Cottam City of Hull AC
Elizabeth Cremer Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Dian Crone Bridlington Road Runners
John Crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Becky Crosby N/A
Suzanne Crowther Fitmums And Friends
Emma Cutress Pocklington Runners
Melanie D'eath Scarborough Athletic Club
Zoe Dale yorkshire wolds runners
Stephen Dale york wolds runners
Zoe Dalton N/A
Kate Davey Fitmums And Friends
Andy Davey Fitmums and Friends
Victoria Davies N/A
Jon Day N/A
Melanie Day Scarborough Athletic Club
Jo De-vries N/A
Sharon Dearing NA
Rebecca Dent Scarborough Athletic Club
Anna Devine N/A
Eileen Deyes East Hull Harriers
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Graham Dinsdale N/A
Linda Dodsworth west hull ladies
Tricia Donlon Beverley AC
Ian Donoghue N/A
Maggie Dosdale Fitmums And Friends
Kathleen Douch Pickering running clib
Janet Downes Bridlington Road Runners
Ed Downey N/A
Amy Downey N/A
Jan Draper West Hull Ladies
Peter Draper N/A
Joanne Drysdale west hull ladies
Katherine Dunkerley Selby Striders
Cath Dyson West Hull Ladies
Rachel Eaton Fitmums And Friends
Stephen Eblet N/A
Nicki Edmond Scarborough Athletic Club
Steven Eglen N/A
Abbi Elder N/A
Simon Ellerker Bridlington Road Runners
Zoe Ellis Bridlington Road Runners
Mary Emmett Wetherby Runners
Allison English Fitmums And Friends
Stuart Eskrett Beverley AC
Steve Evans Driffield Striders
Alex Evans Fitmums And Friends
Joe Evans Fitmums And Friends
Caroline Everett Fitmums And Friends
April-marie Exley Bridlington Road Runners
Robert Eyre Bridlington Road Runners
Karen Farmer-scott Pickering RC
Catherine Farn N/A
Wayne Farr N/A
Gail Farr west hull ladies
Pamela Farrell Pocklington Runners
Heather Farrow Pickering RC
Ian Fergusson City of Hull AC
David Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Malcolm Field Pocklington Runners
Davina Fillingham N/A
Jean Fish Scarborough Athletic Club
Sally Fisher N/A
Sharron Fitton NWR
Iain Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Michelle Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Robert Flint N/A
Stacey Flynn N/A
Jackie Foreman N/A
Wendy Foster Bridlington Road Runners
David Foster Bridlington Road Runners
Jane Foster N/A
Yvonne Foster Fitmums And Friends
Karen Foster N/A
Amy Fowler Hurricane Striders
Ruth Frank Scarborough Athletic Club
James Frank N/A
Joanna Frost N/A
Sarah Frost West hull ladies
Thomas Fynn N/A
Tom Gelsthorpe N/A
Laura Gent Pocklington Runners
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Ryan Gibson Chrisfit charity running club
Kara Gibson Chrisfit
Sarah Gilbert Scarborough Athletic Club
Aaron Giles N/A
Fay Giles West Hull Ladies
Andrew Gill Scarborough Athletic Club
Andrew Godfrey Bridlington Road Runners
Neil Gordon East Hull Harriers & AC
Samantha Gothard Scarborough Athletic Club
David Grainger N/A
Beth Gray N/A
John Gray Fitmums And Friends
Fiona Griffiths Fitmums And Friends
Rebecca Habgood Chrisfit
Reid Haddow Otley AC
Linda Hall Bridlington Road Runners
Elaine Hancock Pocklington Runners
Nikki Hanson Scarborough Athletic Club
Maxine Hardey East Hull Harriers & AC
Martin Hardey East Hull Harriers & AC
Scott Hargreaves Bridlington Road Runners
Tracey Harper Fitmums And Friends
Pam Harrison Caistor Running Club
Sue Haslam Scarborough Athletic Club
Caroline Hastie Fitmums And Friends
Paul Hatfield York Postal Harriers
Mark Haxby Clee tri club
Alison Hayes East Hull Harriers & AC
Michelle Heaton NA
Jenny Henderson West Hull Ladies
Peter Henderson Beverley AC
Dale Hepples Scarborough Athletic Club
Jo Hetherington Driffield Striders
Fay Hethershaw Scarborough Athletic Club
Lorraine Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Glyn Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Darren Higgins N/A
Michael Higgitt Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Michael Hill N/A
Michelle Hill N/A
Suzie Hilton-bell City of Hull AC
Lisa Hinchliffe N/A
Abigail Hitchinson N/A
Ellis Hodges Bridlington Road Runners
Edward Hodgson N/A
Wendy Hodgson N/A
Jodie Hodgson Pocklington Runners
Cheryl Hoggarth N/A
Adrian Holden Pocklington Runners
Tracey Holden Pocklington Runners
Sandra Holdswirth West Hull Ladies
Tracey Holehouse Bridlington Road Runners
Kerry Hollins N/A
Lewis Holloway Beverley AC
Steve Honey Pocklington Runners
Claire Hopkinson N/A
Krisztina Horner N/A
Helen Horrobin East Hull Harriers & AC
Julian Horsley Pocklington Runners
Daisy Horsley Pocklington Runners
Hannah Horth N/A
Christine Huffington Scarborough Athletic Club
Kim Hume N/A
Helen Humphries Fitmums And Friends
Melissa Huntsman N/A
Martin Hutchinson Bridlington Road Runners
Rebecca Hutchinson N/A
Alison Hyde N/A
Miriam Ireland Bridlington Road Runners
Tracey Ireland N/A
Andrew Jackson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Kelly Jackson Yorkshire Wolds Runner
Jane Jackson Pocklington Runners
Peter Jackson Pocklington Runners
Emma Johnson Pocklington Runners
Claire Johnson York triathlon club
Mark Jones Yorkshire wolds runners
Andrew Karavics N/A
Cheryl Keeble Maltby RC
Rebecca Keeble N/A
Sally Kelly N/a
Rebecca Kendall N/A
Alan Kendra Pocklington Runners
Angela Khudonazarova West Hull Ladies
Rebecca King Yorkshire wolds runners
Nicola Knaggs Yorkshire wolds runners
Rachel Knight N/A
Mike Lamb N/A
Elisabeth Lamb N/A
Richard Langley N/A
Mark Laughton York Tri Club
Becky Lawry Bridlington Road Runners
Jane Lawson York Acorn
William Lees N/A
Linda Lees N/A
Alison Leighton N/A
Jan Leites N/A
Lesley Lester Scarborough Athletic Club
David Lester N/A
Robert Lillie Scarborough Athletic Club
Kerry Lines N/A
Debbie Lister N/A
Cathy Logan Fit mums
Amy Long-ward Fitmums And Friendsp
Graham Lonsdale Bridlington Road Runners
Yvonne Lowde Fitmums And Friends
Kelly Luke N/A
Donna Lumb Fitmums And Friends
James Lundy East Hull Harriers & AC
Darren Lythe Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Susan Lythe Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Jo Machon N/A
Julie Madden Bridlington Road Runners
Chris Makin Chrisfit
Andrew Marr N/A
Sarah Marr N/A
Andrew Marsden Scarborough Athletic Club
Wendy Marsh N/A
Patrick Marshall Beverley AC
Rhona Marshall Scarborough Athletic Club
Sara Marshall N/A
Sonia Marshall N/A
Simon Matson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Andrea Matson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Sharon Matthews-berry N/A
Andy May Scarborough Athletic Club
Mark May Scarborough Athletic Club
Beckie May Scarborough Athletic Club
Angela May West Hull Ladies
Tim Maycock Pocklington Runners
Leanne Maycock Pocklington Runners
Andy Mayfield N/A
Kim Mcbirnie west Hull Ladies RRC
Anushka Mccann Kingston upon Hull AC
Hannah Mcdowell N/A
Carole Mcmahon fitmums and friends
Jamie Megginson N/A
David Meilhan Beverley AC
Rebecca Meilhan N/A
Ellen Messingham City of Hull AC
Samantha Middleton-frankton Hornsea Harriers
Rod Millard Scarborough Athletic Club
Joanne Miller N/A
Joanne Miller Scarborough Athletic Club
Lisa Molus Stockton Striders
Shaun Moody City of Hull AC
Martin Moore Fitmums And Friends
Jamie Morgan Pocklington Runners
Ian Mortimer N/A
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Julie Mulchinock N/A
Shongh Murton N/A
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Marc Newsome N/A
Ruth Newton Scarborough Athletic Club
Paula Noble N/A
John Nodder York Knavesmire Harriers
Jane Nodder York Knavesmire Harriers
Cherie Norman N/A
Karen Novak N/A
Claire O'neill Scarborough Athletic Club
Gary Oades N/A
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Alice Oakley N/A
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Robert Onions N/A
Charlotte Oxford N/A
Melanie Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Kim Page Pocklington Runners
Victoria Paley N/A
Lucy Palmer N/A
Kelly Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Diane Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
David Parkes White City Hull RRC
Richard Parkin Beverley AC
Natalie Parks N/A
Clair Parrish N/A
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
Jason Pea Driffield Striders
Michelle Perkins N/A
Rachel Peterson N/A
Rachel Pickering Pocklington Runners
Diane Pickering West Hull Ladies
Alisa Pierrepont N/A
Matthew Pinder East Hull Harriers & AC
Chloe Platts Pocklington Runners
Pam Poma West hull ladies
Paul Popplewell City of Hull AC
Clarebear Potts Pocklington Runners
Steven Poulsom East Hull Harriers & AC
Jason Powdrell N/A
Chris Powney N/A
Robert Preston Scarborough Athletic Club
Bethan Pritchard N/A
Bev Procter Barton & District AC
Louise Pudsey N/A
Sally Raines N/A
Mila Ramos Wolds Veterans RC
Philippa Rayner Quakers RC
Sian Rees Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Clare Rex Fitmums And Friends
Ruth Rhodes Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Nicola Riley Beverley AC
James Riley Bridlington Road Runners
Andrew Robertson N/A
Samantha Robinson N/A
Michelle Rookes N/A
Michele Room Driffield Striders
Lucy Rose N/A
Lisa Rowe Fit Happens
Cara Rudd N/A
Nicky Rudland N/A
Alison Russell Pocklington Runners
Helen Ryan Beverley AC
Cat Sandiford N/A
Tammie Saunders N/A
Caroline Scanlan Fitmums And Friends
Laura Schofield York Knavesmire Harriers
Rolan Schreiber Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Robin Scillitoe N/A
Andrew Scoot N/A
David Scott Cleethorpes Tri Club
Neil Scruton Scarborough Athletic Club
Steve Seeley N/A
Megan Sellar N/A
Liz Sellers N/a
Corinne Settle West Hull Ladies
Karen Settle Scarborough Athletic Club
Michelle Seymour N/A
Gordon Shannon N/A
Steve Sharp Driffield Striders
Sara Sheard N/A
Paul Shepherd N/A
Anthony Shipley N/A
Anita Shipley N/A
Mark Sibley N/A
Emma Simmons Pocklington Runners
Amanda Skelly N/A
Duncan Smart Scarborough Athletic Club
Caroline Smith N/A
Michael Smith N/A
Simon Smith N/A
Deirdre Souch York Acorn
Claire Spear Hornsea Harriers
Stuart Spencer Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Stabler
Jane Stabler Fitmums And Friends
Del Stanley N/A
Alison Starkey Yorkshire Wolds
Ruth Startin Pocklington Runners
Kelly Stathers N/A
Terri Stathers N/A
Barbara Stephens Pocklington Runners
Sarah Stephenson Pocklington Runners
Naomi Stephenson Humber triathletes
Faith Stephenson N/A
Carol Stephenson Pocklington Runners
Jo Stocks N/A
Andy Stones N/A
Jenny Storrie Pickering RC
Edwina Subritzky N/A
Paul Sutherns Chrisfit
Claire Sutton N/A
Sue Taft West Hull Ladies
Kathryn Taylor Pocklington Runners
Joshua Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Phill Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Dan Taylor N/A
Kelly Temple York Knavesmire Harriers
Tracey Thomas N/A
Billy Thomas N/A
Hen Thompson N/A
Paul Thompson Hornsea Harriers
Julie Thompson Hornsea Harriers
Amy Thomson N/A
Andrea Thomson West Hull Ladies
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Lee Thurston N/A
Stewart Tindale Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Sue Tindall Tadcaster Harriers
Zoe Topham Hornsea Harriers
Sophie Townsend Fit Happens
David Trainer N/A
Karen Travis N/A
Annemarie Turner Caistor Running Club
Hannah Turney N/A
Elizabeth Uglow N/A
Samantha Ullyott N/A
Sophie Vaughan Scarborough Athletic Club
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
Donna Walker N/A
Caroline Walker N/A
Sara Ward N/A
Anna Warner Cleethorpes Tri Club
Zoe Warters Yorkshire Wolds runner's
Jane Waterhouse N/A
Mark Waterson City of Hull AC
Peter Watkinson Beverley AC
Kirsty Watson N/A
Emma Watson N/A
Ali Watson Fitmums And Friends
Julia Webb Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sarah Webster N/A
Dominique Webster Bridlington Road Runnersja
Jacqui Webster Pocklington Runners
Jane Welbourn Bridlington Road Runners
Tim Welbourn City of Hull AC
Barbara Wesson N/A
Liz Whitaker N/A
Harry Whitehouse Scarborough Athletic Club
Anthony Whitley N/A
Rachel Whittaker West Hull Ladies RRC
Alicia Wigmore N/A
Emma Wigmore N/A
Sarah Wilby Pocklington Runners
Norma Wilde N/A
Sarah Wilkes N/A
Andrew Wilkinson N/A
Paul Wilkinson Kuhac
Cat Williamson Beverley AC
Owen Willis Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Wilson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Abbey Wilson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Lynn Wilson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Chris Wilson N/A
Claire Wilson N/A
Sarah Wilson West Hull Ladies
Jennifer Wise Pickering RC
Lizzy Wise Pickering RC
Nicola Wise Pickering RC
Dean Wise Pickering RC
Edna Wood Knaresborough Striders
Tom Woodhouse Bridlington Road Runners
Louise Wortley Yorkshire Wolds runners
David Yeomans Wetherby Runners