1st September 2019

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Current Competitors

Name Club
Martina Akrill N/A
Michael Anderson Fitmums And Friends
Anne Bakker City of Hull AC
Nikki Bakolis-medd N/A
Simon Barnes Yorkshire wolds runners
Wendy Baxter Driffield Striders
June Beadle West Hull Ladies
Ellen Beddows Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Natalie Bell City of Hull AC
Alison Benson Beverley AC
Chris Birkett City of Hull AC
Simon Bishop Beverley AC
Mark Bissell East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Bogg East Hull Harriers & AC
Rowan Booth Caistor Running Club
Glyn Botfield North Derbyshire RC
Gareth Botterill Driffield Striders
Becky Briggs City of Hull AC
Derek Brooks N/A
Alan Brown Withernsea Harriers
Tom Brown N/A
Teresa Bruce N/A
Richard Buckle East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
Jeanette Chambers White City Hull RRC
Sarah Chapman N/A
James Collins N/a
Colette Conroy City of Hull AC
Jeffrey Copping City of Hull
Stephen Coveney City of Hull AC
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Stella Dinsdale White City. HULL.R.R.C.
Alex Dobson Pocklington Runners
Jill Dowson Pocklington Runners
Michael Dugan East Hull Harriers & AC
Craig Edwards Cleethorpes & District AC
Zoe Ellis Bridlington Road Runners
Clare Evans N/A
Robert Eyre Bridlington Road Runners
Carole Fee East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Fee East Hull Harriers & AC
Ian Fergusson City of Hull AC
Stuart Fraser N/A
Mark Gadie East Hull Harriers & AC
Caroline Garvey N/A
Phoebe Gawthorpe East Hull Harriers & AC
Steve Girking N/A
Andrew Gray Beverley AC
David Green City of hull ac
Tim Groves East Hull Harriers & AC
Nick Halford 3XTRI
Paul Hammond Kippax Harriers
Sarah Hargreaves Pocklington Runners
Matthew Hayes East Hull Harriers & AC
Sally Haywood N/A
Russell Haywood N/A
Suzie Hilton-bell City of Hull AC
Shelley Hindley West Hull Ladies
Tracey Holden Pocklington Runners
Kris Hopkins East Hull Harriers & AC
Jason Hoyland N/A
Jonathan Hunter City of Hull AC
Luke Jackson East Hull Harriers & AC
Graham Jenkinson City of Hull AC
Faye Jessop N/A
Daniel Johnson N/A
Andrew Johnson Beverley AC
Mark Jones Yorkshire wolds runners
Stuart Joy Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Elaine Julian Beverley AC
Graham Justice City of Hull AC
Geraldine Kelly n/a
Patrick Kelly N/A
Barrie Kitching N/A
Nigel Kitching Driffield Striders
Ash Loader N/A
John Long East Hull Harriers & AC
Ann Long East Hull Harriers & AC
James Lundy East Hull Harriers & AC
Michael Manders N/A
Scott Marrison Barton & District AC
Mark Mawson City of Hull AC
Kim Mcbirnie West hull ladies
Stewart Mcgough N/A
Dominic Mcgough N/A
Vincent Mcgowan East Hull Harriers & AC
Jackie Mckenna N/A
Lucas Meagor Beverley AC
James Morris Dewsbury Road Runners
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Peter Needler N/A
Matthew Nelson City of Hull AC
Paul Nippress East Hull Harriers & AC
Debbie Norris Dewsbury Road Runners
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Oades N/A
Mike O’brien City of Hull AC
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Mo Omidi N/A
Steve Ostler Beverley AC
Jonathan Oxley N/A
Sarah Padfield East Hull Harriers & AC
Tony Payne East Hull Harriers & AC
Philip Pell N/A
Helen Penn City of Hull AC
William Pike Bridlington Road Runners
Mark Potts N/A
Paul Poucher East Hull Harriers & AC
Mike Pullon Pocklington Runners
Stephen Rennie City of Hull AC
Nicholas Riggs N/A
Zoë Riggs N/A
Nicola Riley Beverley AC
Carole Rimmington N/a
Charlie Robinson Beverley AC
Jim Rogers City of Hull AC
Katie Seddon East Hull Harriers & AC
Martin Sellers N/A
Paul Sharkett N/A
Charlie Sharkett N/A
Scott Sharlotte N/A
Remi Simpson N/A
Nathan Smith N/A
Alan Smith White City Hull RRC
John Smith City of Hull AC
Debbie Smith White City Hull RRC
Stuart Smith Pocklington Runners
Andrew Snowball Pocklington Runners
Jonathan Stanley N/A
Richard Stanton East Hull Harriers
Neil Stead Goole Viking Striders
Sarah Steels Fitmums And Friends
Jan Suddaby East Hull Harriers & AC
Jurie Swanepoel N/A
Ian Tasker White City Hull RRC
Paul Taylor Selby Striders
Phill Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Bob Thomson Haltemprice RRC
Geoffrey Thornes Road Runners Club of the UK
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Stephen Tichopad East Hull Harriers & AC
David Tyas N/A
Stephen Voase City of Hull AC
Martin Walker East Hull Harriers & AC
Jen Walker West Hull Ladies
Andrew Walker N/A
Trevor Walker Driffield Striders
Rebecca Watson Pocklington Runners
Thomas Watson N/a
Rob Waugh East Hull Harriers & AC
Robert Weekes East Hull Harriers & AC
Jane Welbourn Bridlington Road Runners
David Wilkinson Na
Stephen Wilson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Paul Wilson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Kirsty Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Katie Wise Pocklington Runners
Heather Woolley N/A
Brian Young Beverley AC
Martin Young White City Hull RRC
Gareth Young East Hull Harriers & AC