12th July 2019

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Current Competitors

Name Club
Anna Folwell N/A
Alexander Abel Fitmums And Friends
Neil Adams N/A
Debs Adcock Barracuda Triathlon Club
Jonathan Addy City of Hull AC
Steven Addy N/A
Janet Ainley West Hull ladies
Jessica Airey Fitmums And Friends
Thomas Aitchison Kingston upon Hull AC
Kate Albutt Yorkshire Wold Runners
Charlotte Alcock N/A
Paul Allen Beverley AC
Jean Allen Fitmums And Friends
Richard Alsop East Hull Harriers & AC
Will Alty Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Nicola Amidulla Driffield Striders
Sarah Anderson Fitmums and Friends
Michael Anderson Fit mums and friends
Karen Andrews Goole Viking Striders
Kevin Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Tina Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Stephen Anthony N/A
Nick Appleyard Vegan Runners UK
Helen Appleyard N/A
Ian Archibald N/A
Kate Argyle West Hull Ladies
Curtis Arnott Beverley AC
Louise Ashby N/A
Andy Ashman N/A
Lisa Ashton N/A
Sarah Atkin Barton & District AC
Lee Atkin N/A
Shaun Atkinson East Hull Harriers & AC
Lucy Attree Beverley AC
Grahame Aylott N/A
Kate Ayre City of Hull AC
Steven Babb City of Hull AC
Joe Badham N/A
Paul Baggaley N/A
Brian Baker N/A
Karan Baker N/A
Stevie Baker N/A
Pete Baker City of Hull AC
Heidi Baker Bridlington Road Runners
Gareth Baker N/A
Brendan Baker N/A
Nikki Bakolis-medd N/A
Dara Ball N/A
Tony Barker N/A
Robert Barker Selby Striders
Peter Barnard Scarborough Athletic Club
Martin Barnes Beverley AC
Rachel Barnes N/A
Gemma Barrass N/A
Alex Bateman N/A
Sarah Bates N:a
Julia Baxter N/A
Lisa Beal N/A
Claire Bell N/A
Alex Bell N/A
Erica Bell N/A
Philip Belton Beverley AC
Dean Bemrose N/A
Paul Bennett N/A
Craig Bennett N/A
Jennifer Benson Barton & District AC
Darren Benstead N/A
Saskia Berkin Beverley AC
Roger Berriman N/a
Fliss Bird Pocklington runners
Amanda Bird Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Bishop N/A
Danielle Blackwood Fitmums And Friends
Georgette Blanchard N/a
Tracey Bonelle N/A
Martin Booth Goole Viking Striders
Kerry Boothby N/A
Andrew Boughen N/A
Eleanor Boyd Beverley AC
Margaret Boyd Hornsea Harriers
Andrew Boyes Driffield Striders
Kevin Brady N/A
David Braithwaite N/A
Craig Brambles City of Hull AC
Luke Bramley East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicola Bramley East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Brewer Goole Viking Striders
Amy Brewster West Hull Ladies
Helen Broadley N/A
Laura Broddle N/A
Paula Brook Rothwell Harriers
Paul Brooke N/A
Richard Brothwell N/A
Maria Brown Clayton Area Runners
Jonny Brown N/A
Leanne Brown N/A
Sophie Brown Cleethorpes & District AC
Booey Brown N/A
Danny Brunton Bridlington Road Runners
Adam Bryson N/A
Paul Bucknall Fitmums And Friends
Rebecca Burge Beverley AC
Jo Burgoyne N/A
Maria Burke N/A
Wendy Burnett Fitmums And Friends
Oliver Burnett East Hull Harriers & AC
Helen Burnham Fitmums & Friends
Gary Burnham N/A
Paul Burnley N/A
Edward Burns N/A
Simon Butcher N/A
Sarah Caddell Fitmums And Friends
Lindsay Cameron Pocklington Runners
Roseanna Card-smith N/A
Ben Cardy Fitmums And Friends
Peter Carpenter N/A
Mary Carrick East Hull Harriers & AC
Tom Carrington Scarborough Athletic Club
Martyn Carruthers N/A
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
Jo Caukwell N/A
Daniel Cawthra N/a
Adrita Chakraborty N/A
Rebecca Chapman N/A
Annmarie Charlton N/A
Annmarie Charlton N/A
Megan Chown Beverley AC
Jamie Church N/A
Ali Clark Humber Triathletes
David Clark Beverley Ac
Trevor Clark Barton & District AC
Matthew Clarke Goole Viking Striders
Paul Clarke Kingston upon Hull AC
Gregan Clarkson Kingston upon Hull AC
Suzanne Clarkson West Hull Ladies
Mark Clifford N/A
Darren Cobb N/A
Dianne Coleman Beverley AC
Angie Colley Fitmums And Friends
Leigh Collins N/A
James Cook N/A
Natalie Cook N/A
Carol Cooke Beverley AC
Jeffrey Copping City of Hull
Nigel Cordingley N/A
Carol Cormack N/A
Becky Coulman Kingston upon Hull AC
Stephen Coveney City of Hull AC
James Crabtree N/A
Ian Crawford Kingston upon Hull AC
Alison Crellin Driffield Striders
Elizabeth Cremer Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Philip Cromie N/A
John Crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Suzanne Crowther Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Currie White City Hull RRC
Jayne Cuttill Kingston upon Hull AC
Mark Dalton Beverley AC
Rebecca Dam N/A
Lee Daniels N/A
Penny Darmody East Hull Harriers & AC
Mark Daubney N/A
Bryony David N/A
Christian Davies East Hull Harriers & AC
Quintina Davies N/A
Victoria Davies N/A
Holly Davis Pocklington Runners
James Dawson Pocklington Runners
Sean Dawson N/A
Andrew Dawson N/A
Amanda Dean West Hull Ladies
Paul Dearing N/a
Paul Denn N/A
Simon Dennis N/A
James Dennis N/A
Robert Dennis N/A
Steve Dennison N/A
John Densley Barton & District AC
Paula Densley Barton & District AC
Anna Devine N/a
Michael Devitt Ferndale Flyers
Michael Devitt FERNDALE Flyers
Andrew Dickerson Kingston upon Hull AC
Rachel Diver Pocklington Runners
Glenn Dixon N/A
Clare Dixon n/a
Simon Dixon York Knavesmire Harriers
Rebecca Doab N/a
Jonathan Doab N/A
Matthew Dobson N/A
Tricia Donlon Beverley AC
Ian Donoghue N/A
Nicola Doody Scarborough Athletic Club
Karl Douglas N/A
Janet Downes Bridlington Road Runners
Peter Draper N/A
Jan Draper West Hull Ladies
Paul Drury Fitmums And Friends
Nicola Duffy Baxenden Bugs
Michael Dugan East Hull Harriers & AC
Danielle Dutton N/A
Cath Dyson West Hull Ladies
Sarah Easby N/A
Alex Eaton Fitmums And Friends
Mark Edwards Barton & District AC
John Edwards Bridlington Road Runners
Joanne Ellam
Andy Elliott N/A
Zoe Ellis Bridlington Road Runners
Tanya Emmett N/A
Victoria Evins Beverley AC
Steve Evins Beverley AC
Stella Evins Beverley AC
Paul Fairbank N/A
David Fairlamb N/A
Dawn Farmer N/A
Gail Farr west hull ladies
Wayne Farr N/A
Jon Featherstone N/A
Alan Feldberg Bridlington Road Runners
David Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Shirley Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Shona Fielding N/A
Rebecca Fielding-smith N/A
Jean Fish Scarborough Athletic Club
Claire Fisher N/A
Tracy Fitzgerald Fitmums And Friends
Sheridan Fletcher N/A
Elise Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Robert Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Iain Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Jackie Foreman N.A
Sue Foster Fitmums And Friends
Yvonne Foster Fitmums And Friends
Nicola Fowler Bridlington Road Runners
Steven Fowler Saltaire Striders
Amy Fowler Hurricane Striders
Ian Franks N/A
Brad Freeman N/A
Joanne Freeman N/A
Kate Frusher N/A
Tom Frusher N/A
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Ruth George Barton & District AC
Rachel Ghosh N/A
Guy Gibson East Hull Harriers & AC
David Gillett N/a
Daniel Girking N/A
Stephen Glenville City of Hull AC
Aidan Glover Beverley AC
Jonny Utah Goacher N/A
Shelly Goacher N/A
Stephen Godfrey N/A
Paul Good N/A
Karen Gordon Driffield Striders
Roisin Gorry Humber Triathletes
David Gossip N/A
Samantha Gothard Scarborough Athletic Club
Roger Gough Scarborough Athletic Club
Anthony Gough Scarborough Athletic Club
Russ Graham N/A
Malcolm Gray N/A
Elizabeth Gray Humber triathletes
John Gray Fitmums And Friends
Simon Greenfield N/A
Emma Greensmith Beverley AC
Darryl Gregory N/A
Declan Gregory N/A
James Gregory N/A
Amy Gresham N/A
Ian Grewar East Hull Harriers & AC
Laura Gulley Fitmums And Friends
Rachael Haigh Barton & District AC
Linda Hall Bridlington Road Runners
Lee Hammond N/A
Neil Hammond N/A
Adrian Hancock Beverley AC
Paul Hankin n/a
David Hannigan N/A
Andrew Hannigan N/A
Phil Hanson Holmfirth Harriers AC
Steve Hanson N/A
Paul Harby Fitmums And Friends
Paul Hardisty N/A
Caroline Hardy N/A
Neil Hardy N/A
Jen Harford N/a
Scott Hargreaves Bridlington Road Runners
Michael Hargreaves East Hull Harriers & AC
Joanne Hargreaves Beverley AC
Tracey Harper Fitmums And Friends
Graham Harper Haltemprice RRC
Lyndsey Harris West Hull Ladie
Richard Harrison Selby Striders
Jacob Hart-fisher N/a
Dennis Hartley N/A
Kerry Harvey Fitmums And Friends
Joanne Hastings Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Hatton N/A
Patricia Hay Fitmums And Friends
Sonia Haywood N/A
Sophia Haywood N/A
Christopher Healy N/A
Jack Hearnshaw N/A
Jenny Henderson West Hull Ladies
Peter Henderson Beverley AC
Graham Henderson N/a
Darren Hepworth Scunthorpe & District AC
Glyn Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Angela Higgins Buxton Athletic Club
Michael Higgitt Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Allan Hill N/A
Rachel Hilton Fitmums And Friends
Suzie Hilton-bell City of Hull AC
Linda Hinchliffe Scarborough Athletic Club
Lisa Hinchliffe N/A
Jessica Hobson Beverley AC
Christopher Hobson Beverley AC
Ellis Hodges Bridlington Road Runners
Robert Hodgkinson n/a
Maggie Hodgson N/A
Darren Hodgson N/A
Steve Hodgson N/A
John Hogg N/A
Tracey Holehouse Bridlington Road Runners
Antony Holgate Kingston upon Hull AC
Fiona Holland Beverley AC
Lewis Holloway Beverley AC
Lee Holmes N/A
Jill Hood West hull ladies
Grant Hood N/A
Tom Hopper N/A
Dawn Hopper Scarborough Athletic Club
Chris Hopton N/A
Keith Horn Withernsea Harriers
Jane Hornby Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Dean Hornby N/A
Carl Horth City of Hull AC
Hannah Hoult N/A
Ellis Howard N/A
Andrew Howard N/A
Ray Howe N/A
Mathias Hulse Beverley AC
Isaac Hulse n/a
Helen Humphries N/A
Miles Humphries N/A
Mark Hunt N/A
Rebecca Hunter N/A
Fiona Hunton-young Scarborough Athletic Club
Ed Husband N/A
Paul Hutchings City of Hull AC
Martin Hutchinson Bridlington Road Runners
Sharron Hutchinson Fitmums And Friends
Mathew Hutchinson Fitmums And Friends
Anthea Hutchinson Beverley AC
Tom Hutton N/A
Julie Hyam N/A
Neil Ibbitson N/A
Elizabeth Ingle Bridlington Road Runners
Justin Iveson N/A
Ann Jacklin Scarborough Athletic Club
Andrew Jackson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Kelly Jackson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Michael Jackson Kimberworth Striders RC
Emma Jackson N/A
Ted Jackson N/A
Ted Jackson N/A
Matthew Jenkins N/A
Stephen Jennison N/A
Emily Jesson Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Jessop N/A
Duncan Johnson Fitmums and Friends
Shane Jolly N/A
Angela Jones Pocklington Runners
Aileen Jones N/A
David Jones N/A
Mark Jones Yorkshire wolds runners
Adam Jordan N/A
Nick Jordan Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Joy Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Graham Justice City of Hull AC
Peter Kaiser N/A
Alan Keenan Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Kellington Yorkshire wold runners
Geraldine Kelly N/a
Patrick Kelly N/a
Janet Kelly N/A
Kate Kemp N/A
Rebecca Kendall N/A
Alan Kendra Pocklington Runners
Richard Kendrew N/A
Mandy Kendrick N/A
Carol Kennedy N/A
Jacqui Ker City of Hull AC
Adrian Kidd N/A
Liz Kilgour Fitmums and Friends
Leanne Kilvington Humber Triathletes
Michael King NA
Jane Kirk N/A
Stuart Kitchen N/A
Nigel Kitching Driffield Striders
Ann Kitto Scarborough Athletic Club
Nicola Knaggs Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Chris Knowles N/a
Gavin Kulin N/A
Wendy Lamb Fitmums And Friends
Elisabeth Lamb N/A
Mike Lamb N/A
Luke Lambert N/A
Ian Lancaster N/A
Christopher Large N/A
Duncan Larter N/A
Ross Lathan N/A
Barry Latter N/A
Jonathan Laud Fitmums and friends
Jessica Laud Fitmums And Friends
Becky Lawry Bridlington Road Runners
Vicki Lawtey Barton & District AC
Elizabeth Lee Hornsea harriers
Jude Leonard N/A
Ralph Letheren N/A
Demi Lidster Beverley AC
Heath List Rothwell Harriers
Chris Lister N/A
Chloe Livesey N/A
Sarah Londesborough N/A
Daniel Longhorn N/A
Steve Longney Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Graham Lonsdale Bridlington Road Runners
Steven Lovelock N/A
Donna Lumb Fitmums And Friends
James Lundy East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Lyon N/A
Susan Lythe Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Catherine Mace N/A
Leanne Mackinder N/A
Barry Maddison Swanland Running Club
Stephen Maddison York Knavesmire Harriers
Richard Maguire N/A
Kara Mainprize Bridlington Road Runners
Jo Marginson Run Verity
Sarah Marr Scarborough Athletic Club
Andrew Marr Scarborough Athletic Club
Rhona Marshall Scarborough Athletic Club
Andrew Marson N/A
Rebecca Mason City of Hull AC
Andrea Matson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Simon Matson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Andy May Scarborough Athletic Club
Nick Maynard City of Hull AC
Anushka Mccann Kingston upon Hull AC
Ciara Mcclarence N/A
Patrick Mcconnell N/A
Carl Mcdonald N/A
Vincent Mcgowan East Hull Harriers & AC
Terence Mcguinness Driffield Striders
Susan Mcintyre Beverley AC
Shaun Mckenna N/A
Lucy Mcneill Scarborough Athletic Club
Alistair Meakin N/A
Dan Meeke N/A
Sophie Menjaud N/A
Ellen Messingham City of Hull AC
Matthew Middleton Scarborough Athletic Club
Des Miles N/A
Christine Miller N/A
Stephen Miller N/A
Joanne Miller Scarborough Athletic Club
Ellie Mills N/A
Jason Mills City of Hull AC
Richard Mills N/A
Sandy Milson Beverley AC
Heather Mitchell Dewsbury Road Runners
Alicia Mitchell N/A
Shaun Moody City of Hull AC
Martin Moore Fitmums And Friends
Vicky Moore Fitmums And Friends
Alexia Morgan Hornsea Harriers
Abigail Morgan Hornsea Harriers
Emily Morris Driffield Striders
David Morris n/a
Cheryl Morrod N/A
Sara Morrow Selby Striders
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Nick Moy N/A
Gareth Moyle N/A
Stuart Muir N/A
Zoe Murrell N/A
Lee Murrell N/A
Robert Musgrove Yorkshire Wolds Runners
John Myers N/A
Vincent Nail N/A
Graham Naylor White City (Hull) RRC
Mike Naylor N/A
Nicky Naylor N/A
Peter Needler N/A
Mike Neill Run Kingswood Run
Keith Nettleton N/A
Rob Newton Fitmums And Friends
John Nicholls Beverley AC
Simon Nicholson N/A
Claire Nimmo Kuhac
Paul Nippress East Hull Harriers & AC
John Nolan Bridlington Road Runners
Mark Nurse Withernsea Harriers
Caroline O'neill Yorkshire wolds runners
Rob O'neill N/A
Claire O'neill Scarborough Athletic Club
Julian Oaten N/A
Alisha O’neill N/A
Ruth Oberg Fitmums And Friends
Nick Oehring N/A
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Nick Oldfield N/A
Joseph Oldroyd Beverley AC
Ellis Oliver East Hull Harriers & AC
Kathryn Orme Wolds Triathlon Club
Mark Orme Wolds Triathlon Club
Richard Owen Ferndale Flyers
Richard Owen FERNDALE flyers
Dominic Oxford N/A
Mike Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Ellie Page York Knavesmire Harriers
Shane Page n/a
Jo Page N/A
Kelly Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Diane Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Marcus Pape N/A
Ashley Parcell Bridlington Road Runners
Christopher Parker-haim Rothwell Harriers
Lynne Parkin West Hull Ladies
Rob Parritt N/A
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
John Pawson City of Hull AC
Andrew Pay Fitmums And Friends
Jason Pea Driffield striders
James Pearson East Hull Harriers & AC
James Pearson City of Hull AC
Sarah Peck N/A
Julia Peplow Beverley AC
Tana Perinpanathan N/A
George Perry N/A
Hayley Perry-nichols Kingston upon Hull AC
Trevor Peters City of Hull AC
Lauren Pettit N/A
Verona Petty Bridlington Road Runners
Donna Pickering N/A
James Pickering N/A
Helen Pickering Kingston upon Hull AC
Andy Pickering N/A
Tom Pickering Vegan Runners UK
David Pickles 3XTRI
Alec Piercy N/A
William Pike Bridlington Road Runners
Jenny Plant Beverley AC
Dave Playforth East Hull Harriers & AC
Adam Plumtree N/A
Stephen Pointon N/A
Alan Pollard City of Hull AC
Mike Potter Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Poucher N/a
Lee Poulter N/A
Izzy Prescott N/A
Ed Prescott N/A
Paul Preston N/A
Claire Price Fitmums And Friends
June Priest N/A
Keith Pritchard Scarborough Athletic Club
John Pritchett East Hull Harriers & AC
Debbie Procter Danum harriers
Sarah Proctor
Michael Proudlove Beverley AC
Jennifer Prowse N/A
Anna Pugson Beverley AC
Mark Pugson n/a
Jemimah Pye N/A
Josh Rabet N/A
Michelle Ranby N/A
Alex Randall N/A
Nathen Ransley N/A
Liz Raper Scarborough Athletic Club
Kimberley Raper Pocklington Runners
Ian Ravenscroft N/A
Katy Rawnsley Scarborough Athletic Club
Susan Reece Bridlington Road Runners
Siân Rees Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Steve Rees N/A
Helen Reevell Pocklington Runners
Liz Reid N/A
Alison Rennie N/A
Jason Reynolds N/A
Angela Richardson N/A
Peter Richardson N/A
David Riggall na
James Riley N/A
Nicola Riley Beverley AC
Ivor Roberts Beverley AC
Jon Robinson Ferndale Flyers
Kerry Robinson Ferndale Flyers
Kelly Robinson Fitmums And Friends
David Robinson N/A
Charlie Robinson N/A
Jon Robinson FERNDALE flyers
Kerry Robinson FERNDALE flyers
Matthew Robinson East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Rogers Hornsea Harriers
Steven Rollinson N/A
Keith Ross Kingston upon Hull AC
Dylan Ross N/A
John Route N/A
Louise Route N/A
Jo Rowland Beverley
Steffan Russon N/A
Adam Rust N/A
Brian Rutt Scarborough Athletic Club
Ruth Rutt Scarborough Athletic Club
Matthew Rutt N/A
Helen Rutter Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Steve Sadler Richmond & Zetland Harriers
Alan Salvidge N/A
Emma Sanderson Fitmums And Friends
Andrea Scaife N/a
Shaun Scaife N/a
Daniel Scott City of Hull
Sean Scott N/A
Caroline Scott N/A
Karen Scott City of Hull AC
Martin Sellers N/A
Liz Sellers N/A
Karen Settle Scarborough Athletic Club
Jonathan Seymour N/A
Nick Shakesby N/A
Dan Shakesby N/A
Claire Share N/A
Kevin Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
Rachael Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
Christopher Sharp N/A
Mathew Sharp n/a
Jonathan Shaw City of Hull AC
Ryan Sheader Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Shepherd City of Hull AC
Kerry Sizer N/A
Thomas Skinner N/A
Martin Smalley Beverley AC
Jane Smallwood N/A
Callum Smeaton N/A
Michelle Smith East hull harriers
Graeme Smith East hull harriers
William Smith N/A
Emma Smith N/A
Andrew Smith Barton & District AC
Guy Smith N/A
Alicia Smith N/A
John Smith City of Hull AC
Conner Smith N/A
Alan Smith East Hull Harriers & AC
Graeme Smith N/A
Claire Smith Kingston upon Hull AC
Ray Smith N/A
Debbie Smith White City Hull RRC
Alannah Smith-thomas City of Hull AC
Kathryn Sneddon N/A
Lorraine Sneddon N/A
Matthew Snow City of Hull AC
Catherine Snowball Beverley AC
Leanne Sobratee Rothwell Harriers
Andy Southwick Scarborough Athletic Club
Claire Spear Hornsea Harriers
Chris Speck Fitmums And Friends
Stuart Spencer Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Spencer Run Kingswood Run RKR
Kirsty Spencer Na
Nick Stabeler N/A
Neil Stancliffe N/A
Emily Stark N/A
Terri Stathers N/A
Kelly Stathers NA
Neil Stead Goole Viking Striders
Sarah Steels Fitmums And Friends
Paul Stephenson Teenage Cancer Trust
Naomi Stephenson N/A
Gemma Stephenson N/A
Richard Stokes N/a
Michelle Stone N/A
Dan Stone Rothwell Harriers
Tom Stone N/A
Nick Stonehewer Scunthorpe & District AC
Clare Stonehouse N/A
Richard Stonehouse N/A
Anna Stones Rothwell Harriers
Ian Storey n/a
Alan Story N/A
David Stoten N/A
Claire Stoten N/A
Rachel Sullivan N/A
Dave Sweeney N/A
Richard Sykes N/A
Phil Sykes N/A
Jenny Symington N/A
Neil Taylor N/A
Caroline Taylor Fitmums And Friends
Michelle Teal N/A
Gary Tebbutt N/A
John Thackray N/A
James Thomas City of Hull AC
Adam Thompson Fitmums And Friends
Lee Thompson N/A
Sean Thompson East Hull Harriers & AC
Gillian Thompson N/A
Carl Thompson N/A
Andrew Thomson N/A
Bob Thomson Haltemprice RRC
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Elizabeth Thurlow N/A
Claire Tighe Fitmums And Friends
Stew Tindale Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Caroline Tolan Valley Striders
Karen Townend N/A
Claire Traynor Beverley AC
Jennie Trown Scarborough Athletic Club
Dawn Trown Scarborough Athletic Club
Clare Tune Goole Viking Striders
Richard Turner N/A
Beverly Tweed N/A
David Tyas N/A
Elizabeth Uglow N/A
Emily Van Den Bron N/A
Clare Verity N/A
Tracy Vickers Barton & District AC
Louise Vieten Fitmums And Friends
Katherine Vinall N/A
Chris Wade Scarborough Athletic Club
Rebecca Wainman N/A
Mark Walby Barton & District AC
Gary Walford N/A
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Stephen Walker Beverley AC
Mark Waller N/A
Nigel Wallis N/A
Mark Wannan N/A
Janet Wardale West hull ladies
Zoe Warters Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Rosalind Watkinson N/A
Philip Watson Scarborough Athletic Club
Lynn Watson Scarborough Athletic Club
Kath Watson N/A
Karen Wealleans York Knavesmire Harriers
Aaron Wedgwood N/A
Zoe Wellbelove Na
Daniel Wells N/A
Julie Wharton N/A
Lynda White N/A
Harry Whitehouse Scarborough Athletic Club
Phil Whiting n/a
Anthony Whitley N/A
Anna Wilbor Beverley AC
Geoffrey Wilcox City of Hull AC
Nicola Wilkinson Na
Robert Wilkinson City of Hull AC
Paul Wilkinson Kingston upon Hull AC
Daniel Williams N/A
Amy Williams N/A
James Williamson Goole Viking Striders
Stuart Williamson n/a
Mark Williamson Hornsea Harriers
Clair Williamson Hornsea Harriers
Nicola Wilson N/A
Sarah Wilson West Hull Ladies
Abbey Wilson Yorkshire wolds Runners
Steve Wilson Yorkshire Wold Runners
Hollie Wilson Yorkshire Wold Runners
Ben Wilson n/a
Steve Wilson N/A
Trish Wilson Rothwell Harriers
Jon Wilson Selby Striders
Kirsty Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Chris Wilson N/A
Claire Wilson N/A
David Wilson Barton & District AC
James Winn N/A
Dean Winter Askern District RC
Emily Wix East Hull Harriers & AC
Gosia Wlodarska Haltemprice RRC
Paul Wood N/A
Tom Woodhouse Bridlington Road Runners
Cameron Woods N/A
Sean Woodward N/A
Heather Woolley N/A
Chris Wormald N/A
Matthew Wort N/A
Louise Wortley Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Mark Wragg City of Hull AC
Michelle Wray Fitmums And Friends
Diane Wray Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Andy Wright N/A
Anna Yeaman N/A
Isabelle Yeaman N/A
Magda Zaremba East Hull Harriers & AC