7th July 2019

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Current Competitors

Name Club
Christopher Adams N/A
Janet Ainley West Hull ladies
Lee Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Allen Beverley AC
Samantha Allen Beverley AC
Jane Allen West Hull Ladies RRC
Curtis Arnott Beverley AC
Christopher Ashmead Hornsea Harriers
Derek Atkinson N/a
Paul Baggott N/A
Michael Baggott City of Hull AC
Louise Bailey N/A
Heidi Baker Bridlington Road Runners
Tony Barker N/A
Debbie Bartlett N/A
Michael Battye N/A
Charlie Battye Herne Hill Harriers
Tina Begg Fitmums And Friends
Georgette Blanchard N/A
Sam Boden N/A
Penny Booth Beverley AC
Evelyn Bowes Hornsea Harriers
Stephen Braddock Hornsea Harriers
Judith Broadbent Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Stephen Brook Queensbury RC
Ken Brown N/A
Linda Budgen N/A
Tony Burgin White City Hull RRC
Oliver Burnett East Hull Harriers & AC
Helen Burnham Fitmums And Friends
Tina Calthorpe Bridlington Road Runners
Robert Calthorpe Bridlington Road Runners
Ali Carter City of Hull AC
Mick Casey Barnsley AC
Kieran Chambers N.a
Janet Chappell Worksop Harriers
Megan Chown Beverley AC
David Clark Beverley AC
Lorraine Clarke Hornsea Harriers
Kris Clarke n/a
Matthew Clarke N/A
Gregan Clarkson Kingston upon Hull AC
Suzanne Clarkson West Hull Ladies
Darren Cobb N/A
Allison Coggan Hornsea Harriers
Ian Coggan Hornsea Harriers
Philip Coiper N/A
Leigh Collins N/A
Carol Cook N/A
Claire Cowling N/A
Ian Creer N/A
Katrina D'netto Barnsley Harriers
Lee Daniels N/A
Kate Davey Fitmums And Friends
Andy Davey Fitmums And Friends
Craig Davidson Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Jim Davies N/A
Phil Davies N/A
Sue Davies N/A
Michael Davison N/A
Nicole Dawson Beverley AC
Sandra Dawson N/A
Liam Docherty N/A
Jonathan Dodds Chrisfit
Oliver Donkin Barton & District AC
Ian Donoghue N/A
Maggie Dosdale Fitmums And Friends
Michael Dugan East Hull Harriers & AC
Darren Edge Beverley AC
Jarrad Englestown Selby Striders
Stuart Eskrett Beverley AC
Jonathan Ewen Beverley AC
David Fairlamb N/A
Claire Farrell Cleethorpes & District AC
Kay Farrow Beverley AC
Rob Feasby N/A
Michael Felice Hornsea harriers
Rebecca Finch Hornsea Harriers
Sally Fisher Fitmums And Friends
Sam Foreman N/A
Alex Foreman Na
Stacy Foxworthy West Hull Ladies
Sarah Frost West hull ladies
Cody Gartshore N/A
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Rachel Gibson Fitmums And Friends
Sean Gilroy Fitmums And Friends
Nicola Glover Beverley AC
Aidan Glover Beverley AC
Shirley Goy Kingston upon Hull AC
Michael Grain Barnsley Harriers
Sam Graystone Hornsea harriers
Sharon Green Fitmum's
Elizabeth Green N/A
Diane Greenfield Wolds Veterans RC
Sarah Greenley N/A
Mark Gronow City of Hull AC
Linda Hall Bridlington Road Runners
Leanne Hall East Hull Harriers & AC
Frank Harrison Beverley AC
Lindsay Harrison Fitmums And Friends
George Harrison N/A
Debra Harrison Fitmums And Friends
Robert Harrison N/A
Kerry Harvey Fitmums And Friends
Megan Hatfield City of Hull AC
Della Hatfield City of Hull AC
Neil Heron N/A
Michael Higgitt Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Danielle Hill Fitmums And Friends
Richie Hodgson N/A
Angela Hoe N/A
Mollie Holehouse Bridlington Road Runners
Tracey Holehouse Bridlington Road Runners
Antony Holgate Kuhac
Lewis Holloway Beverley AC
Jody Horth Beverley AC
Alex Hunt N/A
Gemma Ibbitson N/A
Paul Ibbitson N/A
Fran Ibson Beverley AC
Lisa Isam Barnsley Harriers
Graham Jacklin N/A
Chris Jackson Withernsea fitmums
Keith Jackson N/A
Rebecca Johnston N/A
Kelly Jones Chrisfit running club
Marie Jones Brighouse Bumble Bees
Lycia Jones Brighouse Bumble Bees
Claire Juggins Fitmums And Friends
Matt Kay N/A
Janet Kelly N/A
Leanne Kilvington Humber Triathletes
Jacqueline Kirman Hornsea Harriers
Andy Kitchin N/A
Angela Knight N/A
Chris Knowles East Hull Harriers & AC
Elaine Lang Beverley AC
Vicky Langley Wolds veteran RC
Jessica Laud Fitmums And Friends
Jonathan Laud East hull fitmums and friends
Elizabeth Lee Hornsea Harriers
Shaun Leggett Hornsea harriers
Yvonnw Lowde Fitmums And Friends
Justine Lowe Hornsea Harriers
James Lundy East Hull Harriers & AC
Philip Lyons Road Runners Club of the UK
Richard Macleod N/A
Brenda Macleod N/A
Igor Manestar City of Hull AC
Shaun Marshall City of Hull AC
Helen Marson N/A
Andrew Marson N/A
Ashlee Matthews N/A
Keith Matthews N/A
Ann Matthews N/A
Natasha Matthews N/A
Mark May Scarborough Athletic Club
Brenda May Scarborough Athletic Club
Lola Mayor Esteve N/A
Danielle Mcelhatton St Theresas AC
Vincent Mcgowan East Hull Harriers & AC
Stephen Miller N/A
Jason Mills City of Hull AC
Shaun Moody City of Hull AC
Alexia Morgan Hornsea Harriers
Abbie Morgan Hornsea Harriers
Jane Morley Wolds Veteran R C
Kalina Morris N/A
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Kathy Newiss Fitmums And Friends
John Nolan Bridlington Road Runners
Adam Northage N/A
Sam Northage N/a
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Sandra Orlando Bridlington Road Runners
Kelly Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Diane Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Mark Parker Hornsea Harriers
Mary Parker Hornsea Harriers
Richard Parkin Beverley AC
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
David Paver City of York AC
John Pawson City of Hull AC
Andrew Pearson Penistone Footpath Runners & AC
Philip Pell N/A
Lorraine Pell N/A
Dave Peno N/A
Connor Penson N/A
William Pike Bridlington Road Runners
Malcolm Potter N/A
Steven Poulsom East Hull Harriers & AC
Mark Powell
Lisa Powell N/A
Chris Powney N/A
Neil Pratt Hornsea Harries
Karen Pritchett N/A
Michael Proudlove Beverley AC
Paul Ream East Hull Harriers & AC
Darren Reeve Hornsea Harriers
Stephen Rennie City of Hull AC
Tegan Roberts City of Hull AC
Victoria Robertson Wolds Veterans RC
David Robinson Beverley AC
Paul Rogers Hornsea harriers
Sara Rookyard East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Rose-crawford East Hull Harriers
Pete Royal Bridlington Road Runners
Helen Ryan Driffield Striders
Paul Sanderson Methley Striders
Shaun Scaife N/a
Andrea Scaife N/a
Victoria Scorah N/A
Karen Scott City of Hull AC
Daniel Scott Worksop Harriers
S Seal N/A
Matt Seymour N/A
Richard Sharpe Thorney RC
Angharad Shepherdson West Hull Ladies
Jax Shields n/a
Mick Shields East Hull Harriers & AC
Thomas Smales Kingston upon Hull AC
Duncan Smart Scarborough Athletic Club
Alan Smith White City(Hull)RRC
Mal Smith N/A
John Smith City of Hull AC
Mal Smith N/A
Matthew Snow City of Hull AC
Lesley Sparks N/A
Elliott Spicer City of Hull AC
Richard Spooner Barnsley Harriers
Sarah Steels Fitmums And Friends
Bob Stockdale Hornsea Harriers
Jo Stone N/A
Tatjana Strauha Fitmums And Friends
Lewis Suddaby East Hull Harriers & AC
Jan Suddaby East Hull Harriers & AC
Chris Sumpton East Hull Harriers & AC
Amanda Symington Fitmums And Friends
John Tansey Hornsea harriers
Peter Taylor City of Hull AC
Paul Teece East Hull Harriers & AC
James Thomas City of Hull AC
Lucy Thompson Hornsea Harriers
Steve Thompson Hornsea Harriers
Sean Thompson East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Tomlinson N/A
Tracy Toner N/A
Jonathan Towle N/A
Karen Townend N/A
Julie Trotter N/A
Matthew Tune East Hull Harriers & AC
Ken Upshall N/A
Jake Van-nuil East Hull Harriers & AC
Gina Verrecchia Withernsea Harriers
Gina Verrecchia N/A
Louise Vieten Fitmums And Friends
Craig Waites Hornsea Harriers
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
Chelsea Walker City of York AC
David Walmsley East Hull Harriers & AC
Ben Walster N/A
Janet Wardale West Hull Ladies
Michael Watson Kingston upon Hull AC
Robert Weekes East Hull Harriers & AC
Caroline Wheelhouse Doncaster AC
Tony White East Hull Harriers & AC
Alison Wiles N/A
Mark Wilkin N/A
Katie Wilkin N/A
Steffi Wilkinson N/A
Cat Williamson Beverley AC
Vivienne Williamson Beverley AC
Drew Wilson hornsea harriers
Lindsay Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Julie Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Katie Wise Pocklington Runners
Peter Wood N/A
Kevin Wood Barnsley Harriers
Michelle Wray Fitmums And Friends
Steve Wray N/A
Kerry Young East Hull Harriers & AC