5th September 2021

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Current Competitors

Name Club
Caron Adamson Barton & District AC
Olly Alldridge Scunthorpe & District AC
Kevin Allen Scunthorpe & District AC
Paul Ancliffe Caistor Running Club
Rick Anderson N/A
Richard Andrew N/A
Richard Andrew N/A
Lesley Anne N/A
Andy Austin Pulled Pork RC
Steve Barraclough Lonely Goat
Lily Bell N/A
Tracey Belt N/A
Kevin Blagg N/A
Hein Bo Scunthorpe & District AC
Paul Bond Doncaster AC
Rowan Booth N/A
Kaye Borrell Caistor Running Club
Paul Bowers N/A
Andrew Bradwell We Can Run
Debbie Bradwell We Can Run
Jenny Bray Caistor Running Club
Jasmine Briggs N/A
Karen Britcliffe Broughton Runners
Mark Britcliffe Broughton Runners
Phil Broadley Lonely Goat RC
Chris Brown Broughton running community
Roy Brumpton N/A
Simon Buckley NisaMiles
Liam Buttrick Scunthorpe & District AC
Colin Byard N/A
Jason Byard N/A
Selena Capp N/A
Chris Carr LincsQuad
Mike Catley Off that couch fitness
Alan Chapman Wolds Veterans RC
Steve Clark Off that couch fitness
Mark Cockin N/A
Steven Corbidge N/A
Leigh-anne Corpse N/A
Paul Corpse N/A
Ian Cowie NisaMiles
Chris Coy N/A
Gareth Crabb Scunthorpe & District AC
Donna Croft Barton & District AC
Arron Crookes Scunthorpe & District AC
Patricia Danby n/a
Sarah Darker n/a
Pisamai Deelai N/A
Yvette Dent N/A
Lauren Dent N/A
Vicki Dent Scunthorpe & District AC
Karen Doyle N/F
Fiona Drust N/A
Helen Duggan N/A
Tracy Eaden Scunthorpe and district athletics club
Daniel Elliott N/A
Melanie Evans N/a
Steven Eyre Caistor Running Club
Rachel Eyre Caistor Running Club
Sarah Fairman Broughton Runners
Michael Firmage N/A
Wendy Fisher N/A
Peter Forbes South Leeds Lakers
Graham Foster The Lonely Goat Running Club
Julie Fox N/A
Samantha Fox Skegness and District running club
Sarah Fox-clark Newark Striders
Lynsey Freear N/A
Sarah Freear Scunthorpe & District AC
Donna Fryer Brigg Thunder Runners
Wayne Gammon Broughton Runners
Lynn Gammon Broughton Runners
Mike Gammon N/A
Riykena Gathercole N/A
Paul George N/A
Richard Gerhardt Scunthorpe & District AC
Freddie Gibbs N/A
David Gibbs Off That Couch Fitness
Richard Graham N/A
Daniel Greaves N/A
Steven Grundy Elite Fitness Athletes Association
Lindsey Hamilton-rudd N/A
Lyndsey Harrison N/A
Stephen Hayton Broughton Runners
Darren Hepworth Scunthorpe & District AC
Michelle Hewson Caistor Running Club
Andy Hickling NisaMiles
James Hindle Off that couch
Claire Hobley LincsQuad
Drew Hobley LincsQuad
Sandra Holdsworth West Hull Ladies
Tommy Honess n/a
Caroline Hornsby N/A
Geoff Hornsby N/A
Sarah Hoyle Caistor Running Club
Simon Hulatt Lonely Goat RC
Debbie Iwanczuk Caistor Running Club
Daniel Johnson Barton & District AC
Sue Johnson N/A
Colin Johnson N/A
Timothy Jones N/A
Adrian Joyce Caistor Running Club
Saengchai Keith N/A
Walter Kent Winterton
Martyn Kynaston N/A
Marie Ladlow N/A
David Lamb Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Camilla Lawson-hall N/A
Becky Lennox N/A
Pisamai Lewandowski N/A
Andrew Longfellow N/A
Mike Macdougall Wolds Veterans RC
Philip Marsland Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Chris Mather Caistor Running Club
Jonny Maxfield Rotherham Harriers & AC
Jackson Mcdermott Na
Christopher Mcmahon Scunthorpe & District AC
Lizzy Millen N/A
Nora Milner N/A
Emma Mitchell Broughton Runners
Rosemary Moore Vegan Runners UK
Mark Morris Broughton Community Runners
Nigel Morrison Wolds Veterans RC
Ollie Mortimer N/A
Ian Mortimer Desborough & Rothwell Running Club
Karen Mullins Barton & District AC
Stephen Murphy N/A
Ben Norton N/A
James Oades N/A
Richard Ogden Off that couch fitness
Daryl Parks Barton & District AC
Tom Partridge N/A
Tom Peebles N/A
Simon Peers Sc
Vicky Petch N/A
Malcolm Piper Wolds Veteran RC
Edward Portess
Simon Pullan Scunthorpe & District AC
Max Quirke N/A
Josh Raspin N/A
Adam Reeve N/A
Amy Richardson N/A
Billy Robson Na
Ronda Rushby Barton & District AC
Illyich Sanchez N/A
Caroline Sanderson N/a
Anthony Saunby n / a
Mark Schofield N/A
Darren Scotland N/A
Terence Scott N/A
Darren Scutt Off That Couch Fitness
Katie Scutt LincsQuad
Andrea Selby_brown Na
Mick Sewell N/A
Joanne Sharp N/A
Joy Shipley Lonely Goat RC
Andreas Short N/A
Kanchanok Skelton N/A
Victoria Smaller LincsQuad
Catherine Smart Caistor Running Club
Paul Smart Caistor Running Club
Louise Smith N/A
Derik Smith N/A
Paul Smithson Na
Graeme Spencer N/A
John Spouncer N/A
Annette Stamp Walk Jog Run
Kevin Standerline N/A
Helen Stannard Walk Jog Run
Kyle Stephenson N/A
Mark Stockdale Scunthorpe & District AC
Lee Stratford Vegetarian Cycling & AC
Nigel Sutcliffe N/A
Michal Swiostek Na
Elaine Tait Scunthorpe &district
Lewis Taylor N/A
Mark Tector N/A
Bradley Tindall N/A
Andy Titterrell Barton & District AC
Geoff Traves N/A
Joanne Turner N/A
Tracey Turner NA
Mark Turner LincsQuad
Janine Turner LincsQuad
Sam Walkeden N/A
Leanne Walker N/A
Eleanor Ward Winterton District Running Club
Clive Ward N/A
Siobhan Webb Barton & District AC
Christopher West N/a
Melissa White Broughton runners
David White Broughton runners
Dave Whitehall N/A
Jonathan Whittaker Off That Couch Fitness
Chase Wickens N/A
Karen Wickens N/A
Christian Wickens N/a
Glyn Wilkinson N/A
Paul Willerton N/A
Judith Williams Scunthorpe & District AC
Martin Wilson N/A
Carolyn Wilson N/A
Tony Wilson SADRC
Sarah Wilson N/A
Chris Woodliffe Broughton runners
Richard Woodward N/A
Janyaruck Yates N/A
Kate Youdale N/A
Graham Young Scunthorpe & District AC