17th May 2020

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Current Competitors

Name Club
David Ballmann Warrior Fitness Academy
Betsy Barry N/A
Alyson Beak N/A
Steve Bennett IWRR
Chris Berners N/A
Olivia Berners N/A
Isabelle Berners N/A
Scott Bradley Ryde Harriers
Philip Brown Lonely Goat RC
Faye Buckett Isle of Wight Road Runners
Darren Button N/A
Tanya Clifford Isle of wight Road Runners
Karen Collett Ryde Harriers
Kevin Cooper Na
Gillian Cuoghi Ryde Harriers
Cordelia Dewey Ryde Harriers
Gareth Driscoll N/A
Ian Dyer Isle of Wight Roadrunners
Jaki Dziuba Ryde Harriers
Carol Eastwood N/A
Robert Fenton Love running Tuesday nighters
Oliver Flood IWAC
Reuben Flood IWAC
Sue Green Ryde Harriers
Jackson Hill IW Athletic Club
Mark Hill N/A
Theresa Jordan N/A
Jane Karabasuc N/a
Joanne Knowles N/A
Charlotte Legge N/A
Bridget Lewis Ryde Harriers
Andy Lewis Ryde Harriers
Mandy Lloyd N/A
Rich Lloyd N/a
Catherine Love Wootton Bridge Runners
Laura Major Warrior Fitness Academy
Judy Mccabe IWRR
Roger Merry Ryde Harriers
Nicola Newton N/A
Darryl Partridge N/A
Rebecca Read N/A
Ruby Read N/A
Andy Slade N/A
Leigh Smith N/A
Carla Snellgrove Tuesday nighters I love running
Charlotte Snowdon N/A
Lisa Taylor
Sarah Thompson Ryde Harriers
Graham Thompson Ryde Harriers
Charlie Tuck N/A
Jessie Tuck N/A
Isaac Watts Isle of Wight AC
Tracey Webb Ryde Harriers
Jake Webb N/A
Daniel Whiting N/A
Bradley Whiting N/A
Kevin Wilson N/A
Lorna Wilson N/a
Michelle Wray N/A
Elliott Wray N/A
Alistair Wray N/A
Donna Young N/A