30th June 2018

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Event Information

If this is your first V3K Ultra you must attend the race briefing at Hendre Hall on the Friday evening. 

The aid stations have good vegan food and drink but please let us know if you have any other dietry need.

Although markers will be used you MUST have completed mountain races and be comfortable on technical terrain. This IS NOT a good race to start fell running, by entering you are stating that you have the competency and experience required and you must prove this.

There will be marshals along the route at strategic places and will serve as checkpoints. 

You must visit all 15 of the 3,000ft peaks. 

Anyone coming down Bristly Scree, Bristley Ridge or the North Face of Tryfan or up the south corner of Pen yr Ole Wen will be disqualified.  

Anybody dropping litter will be disqualified.

Anybody bringing a dog or any other running companion will be disquaified.

Runners must remain vegan throughout the day.

For a full list of rules please go to http://www.vegan-welsh-3000s.co.uk/information-and-rules/4577063568