9th June 2019

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Our Disclaimer

*Please take note of the following conditions of entering the race: This is a challenging event. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the required fitness to complete the race . Please listen to and respond to the advice given by race officials and marshals. They are there to ensure that you and the general public are safe. The use of ipods/headphones/mp3 systems is prohibited for runner safety. You enter this race entirely at your own risk. The organisers will not be liable for any injury to you, no matter how it was caused. There will be event medical cover in place at the race. If you require any assistance, please notify a marshal/official and they will make contact with the medics. Drinks stations will be provided and runners are encouraged to keep hydrated. Please ensure that you start the race in a good state of hydration. Please respect the countryside and dispose of your waste in a sensible manner. Please ensure that you note any medical conditions on the rear of your running number. If you have any prevailing medical condition that you wish to make the organisers aware of then please notify by e mail . Results will be posted on the event web site within 5 days of completion. Do not run using any other runners number. By entering the race you give your permission for any photographs/video recordings to be used on the event web site. Anyone who is proven to have cheated in the race or breached UK athletics rules will be disqualified from the race at the discretion of the race director and referee. Anyone who has won prize money and is subsequently found to have cheated or in breach of UKA rules will be required to return all monies in full within 7 days of request. . Please only park in the designated parking areas. Runners must not be accompanied by anyone on a pedal cycle. All dogs are banned from the race. Anyone wishing to run with a guide dog must contact the organisers in advance of race day. All prams/pushchairs and buggies are banned from the race.

Our Refund Policy

No refunds shall be issued under any circumstances