2nd November 2019

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Our Disclaimer

I agree to abide by the rules of the event. I understand that I enter the race at my own risk and that no person(s) or organisations will be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to me and that the entry fee is non-refundable. I agree not to pass my number to another runner without the permission of the organiser (this will be strictly enforced for insurance purposes). I understand that the organiser reserves the right to alter the arrangements and that the City of London reserves the right to close Burnham Beeches for safety reasons should adverse conditions require this.

Our Refund Policy

Entry fees will not be refunded even in the event of circumstances beyond our control leading to the cancellation of this event. No refunds for non-attendance. Entrants may change race category or transfer their registration prior to the event prior to the Race and by 30th October 2019.