5th October 2019

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Our Disclaimer

Rules and event regulations Entry open to anyone over the age of 16 (11 years for the 4k run). Every runner is responsible for themselves and their equipment. All competitors must sign on and pick up their event number before running the course. If you retire for any reason please inform an event official. All instructions given by event officials must be observed. Entries will be taken online and will be given on a first come first served basis. All equipment used at an event must be fit for purpose and used at riders own risk. Runners must obey all event marshals’ and event officials’ instructions. Use of a music player or other similar device with headphones is not permitted. The Borders are beautiful, these roads are a haven for cyclists, runners and other nature. Don’t drop any litter. The event will take place regardless of bad weather, unless the organisers deem there is a safety concern. If the event is stopped or re-routed for reasons of safety, there will be no refund available. The organisers will endeavour to give all entrants a time derived from the electronic timing chip system provided. However, they are not responsible in the unlikely event of fault in the electronic timing system. Responsibilities Runners attend the event on their own account and at their own risk. The runner is responsible for the safety of his clothes and equipment. The organisers are not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any injuries and/or damages as results of any action during the event. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any runner in breach of any of these regulations. If an official car park is offered during the event usage of this will be at your own risk, the organisation is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft and/or damage as a result of this. This agreement starts with the entry. The organisation reserves the right to make any necessary changes or even to cancel the whole event according to safety problems at any time, official orders, government laws or other unforeseen events. Entry/Registration is only available through the system on this website. Over 16s only. (11 years for the 4k run). If the registered starter cannot attend the event, they have no right to reclaim the registration fee. No runner may use another’s runner’s event number. Cancellation policy If the safety of runners and staff becomes an issue we may have to cancel an event, or if we have to cancel the event for reasons outwith our control, this will be announced on our website as soon as possible before the event, and runners will receive a refund minus an admin fee. If an event is cancelled due to adverse or dangerous conditions any time after 17.00 on the Thursday before the event we will refund a percentage of the entry fee taking in account any outlaid costs. Bib number Every runner will get a bib number. Bib numbers must be readable throughout the event. Water stations Water stations will be available along the course, but all riders are responsible to supply sufficient food to complete the run. Waiver of liability Every runner understands and admits that his participation in the event is voluntary. He assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages from his participation in the event. He recognises and understands that the activities may be hazardous, that his participation is solely at his own risk and that he assumes full responsibility for any resulting injuries and damages that may occur. Every runner affirms, that he is in good health. He declares that he is physically fit and capable to participate in the event. Every runner has to acknowledge that he has read and understand this entire waiver of liability and agrees to be legally bound by it. Withdrawal The event officials hold the right to withdraw starters if they feel there is a danger for the starter or any other person. Data Protection Act 1998 By submitting an application to take part in an event, the participants also allow the event organisers to use personal data for campaigns and activities connected to the events. The organisers shall have unlimited rights to publish pictures of the participants; to forward these photos to press representatives and to use them for marketing activities. Registration terms By using this system to register your details, or enter an event you consent to the conditions described below: You must be at least 16 years old to use this entry system. You may only use the system for registering your own details and for those of other friends, family and club mates who have granted their permission. When entering an event we ask for each persons name, date of birth, gender and for any other details required by the event. When entering events on behalf of other people you must obtain their permission to provide this data before entering them. Deferral of entries is not possible. Receiving Emails To register for this event you must provide a valid email address so we can send you confirmation of your registration and of any entries you make. The email address supplied (and any email addresses given when registering other people) may be used by the Event Organiser to send out information about the events you enter. It may also be used by them after the event ends to send follow-up information about the event / membership and any future events / memberships they may organise. Currency of Purchase All transactions will be conducted in Pounds Sterling. An invoice will not be supplied with the confirmation of your entry, although a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. Event Cancellation or Change of Event Date If for any reason an event is cancelled or the date has to be changed due to Force Majeure, please review the specific event details, rules and terms & conditions which have been documented by the Event Organiser. If a refund is appropriate, the participant should contact the Event Organiser. Data protection The personal data and entry specific information you give will be used by the Event Organisers for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results and of maintaining membership information. We will not pass this data to any other third party. Credit and Debit card details are held solely by the Payment Service Provider and are unknown to the Event Organisers.

Our Refund Policy

Refunds are available up to and including 7 September 2019, subject to an admin fee of £5. After this date no refunds are available.